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[Movie Review] ATONEMENT

Disclaimer: Not an expert on the literature of books/ movies. Just a simple personal sharing I was looking for pride and prejudice but suggested with #atonement because the director of the movie is the same #JoeWright. According to, atonement means reparation for an offense or injury. It is based on Ian McEwan's 2001 novel… Continue reading [Movie Review] ATONEMENT

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How to save money on during/post-MCO?

Disclaimer: This post is written during #MCO (#lockdown) and only published now 1| Negotiate your rentIf you are renting a house/room and been a good paymaster seize your opportunity at this difficult time. Call your tenant and negotiate to reduce your monthly payment. If you have been making your payment on time every month, keeping… Continue reading How to save money on during/post-MCO?

Journal, Personal

My 12 Years of Blogging Experience & How It’s started

Yesterday, WordPress reminded me that it’s my 5th anniversary with them. They notified me that I have started WordPress five years ago on 03/07/2015. Oh! Wow! What a journey. But I tell you my journey of blogging started even way beyond that. I have always been addicted to technology. I got jealous of people who… Continue reading My 12 Years of Blogging Experience & How It’s started


The Strange TEMPORARY gift of life

Nothing in this world is permeant not even your life; oh ESPECIALLY your life. The undeniable truth of life is it is TEMPORARY. The approximate 100 years of human lifespan may seem long. But 100 is the end to nothing. In fact, everything is temporary. This is what #Covid19 taught us well enough.  Each one… Continue reading The Strange TEMPORARY gift of life