My Obsession

I have this great obsession for DIY accessories. Well, you know accessories can be really expensive out there. But, no worries. All you have do is scratch your mind for some simple yet beautiful ideas. I even make it simpler for you.

I have some DIY Accessories ideas in my collection; where i collected all this from googling, Pinterest, browsing and readings. I felt this is simple yet affordable amazing ideas from some of them. Here you go…

2. A pair & A Spare

3. I Spy Diy


~ All credits goes to original owner-link enclosed ~


Happy Blogging

textgram_15185305852087055637.pngI can’t say how happy I am to share my 1st post where I can only manage to establish today. For quite some years, I’m spends quite amazing time browsing wonderful blogs. I have such a great respect to all the work published by great crafters. And, yes I knew owning a blog is not an easy task, moreover, if you are married women with kids. If you a blogger I want you to know that I respect you a lot. Hopefully, I’ll be inspired by amazing women out there. Thanks for reading. Wish me good luck. Enjoy the journey with me.

tatta, (bubbye)