What Inspires Me To Write?

I always wanted to be someone and be everywhere and do whatever I like. To be a writer is one of it. Somehow, I believe I’m a good storyteller. Though, I knew I’m not a good writer.

Since 2009, I have got an interest to write a blog and i still have it.  I had been reading tonnes of blogs for an hour and hour, spending all my weekends in it.

Believe me; I have spent days and even weeks to design my own blog, only to scratch it later. Frankly, I’m jealous of an amazing designs of some blogs and their posts.

Blogging, what an amazing way to express your thoughts and ideas.  Currently, it’s been one of the great platform to make money, I mean abundance of money. Read how Ringgit-oh-Ringgit  & mr-stingy making their money up to five figures.

I have drafted few visions for my blog. I even posted few then deleted later because I consistently failed to be consistence in posting.

Here I am, after so many years I have taken this dream again. This time, no vision, no plan and nothing is done, straight jumped to an action.

At times, you need to stop thinking or planning and just do it and pick up as you go. Step by step, things will fall into the place. I think so.

I may won’t be good in writing or good in grammar but all I need to do is “JUST DO IT”

Stay tuned with me.

Tatta, (Bubbye)


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