What You Can Learn From the Person the Most of the World Hates – #DonaldTrump

Mr #Donald Trump (DT), once the president-of-elect is now US President. Everyone (Ok lah) most of the people hates him. Right after #inauguration day on 20th January 2017, there were rally #WomansMarch held on 21st January 2017 all around the world. More than 1 million people marched against Trump in US. That’s wide spread of hates people have for him.


Image: CNN

But the other side, there is bunch of people who voted and chose him to serve America and loved him. Besides all this hates and love, one thing that no one knows is how he made to win the election when everyone, every polls predicted him to lost to #Hillary Clinton.

How he made it?? How?  I means how he did it?? People laughed when he said he wanted to go for presidential election. You can watch it here . How he made this possible ? What he had done it? How he strategies his execution? How strong he believed it? What makes him to think he will win? What makes him win?

He made it all happen. He made people shut their mouth. He showed to them, what he is capable of.

When you are so determined to do something, to achieve something, do not ever believe poll prediction, other’s thoughts, what people said. Just go for it & work on it.

Only you know what you are doing.

He might have something to offer to America and the world. Let’s wait and see.

Tatta, (Bubbye)


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