Be an #Inspiration


Every one of us can be an achiever and inspiration to someone at something at some point. Bet me. Because I know you can’t, only because reality is a BIG yes.

Gandhi said, be the change you want to see in the world. I do not want to change the world but if someone have changed something about them or in them because of me than that is a big achievement for me. I can sleep feel that night.

I want to be an achiever not to prove to anyone but to prove to myself that I can be one too. I want to inspire people mostly my family members, to lead them to be better and to set an example to my future kids that you can be different from a common person.

People said the current millennials are not dependable and not trustable. They are the worst generation that one can have at working place because they do not want to work for anyone. They simply wanted to work for themselves. Once I said that too. We might be looking at the wrong example.

The millennial that I come across with IPTAMyChoice (a program to guide SPM, STPM & matriculation leavers on the available government opportunities) are unbreakable. They are enthusiastic, dreamers, hardworking, talented, achievers, inspirational and unstoppable. I was so moved by their spirit. They are not like us. This are the generation that teaching us to dream more than the moon.  They are heading to stars and grabbing as much as they want. You will be seeing doctors and scientist working on the floor for social improvement. These people are more than a book they are holding in hand.

They made me scared. They made to question my status quo. They made me to think to be better. They inspired me a lot. I felt so energised when surrounded by them. I love their vibration.

One day, I hope to inspire someone on something on every day. Get inspired; be inspirational.



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