It’s All Worth “Pone”

sdrIt’s my last day. My eight years journey has ended officially. My second home is no longer belongs to me.

That is how I felt on my last day at my ex- company on 8th of February 2017. The company have guided and protected me for past eight years. It always takes side with me when I go through the worse part of my life. It had seen my laugh, argument, shout, cry and the worse of me. It protected me at all times and refused to let go of me. It taught me to be brave and courage. It showed me an angle I can cling into to grow my career. Who I am today, it’s all because of it too.

I can’t imagine how I would have end up in my life, if she have let go of my hand on my stuff times. I can’t thank you enough Pone.

I would say I had been over appreciated on my last day. I’m happy; I managed to found few close friends that I can always count on. Well, finally, I found partners to hang-around. This two places (SunRaj & Nasi Lemak Bumbung) officially been called as our spot now. Hooray!!!!

Ok, on my last day, this lady told me that she wanted to be like me one day. Oh, these words made my day.  This one statement made me to believe that I have performed well and had inspired someone. To get to know that I have inspired someone is a wonderful feeling. To set an example to someone is not easy. To get to know that I have been one is amazing. Happy face J

Frankly, I have no heart to left the team. These guys are so inspiring. Each one of them inspired me in some way. I’m gonna miss them badly.

They held a farewell on my last day.  They asked me to give a speech and made me cry. Ouch, they witnessed the soft site of me. They have seen me in tears now. The best part is how they prescribed me. What !!!  I’m in shock!!!

They classified me as:

“garang”- fierce, rowdy, rough, scary & Durian.

Yes, you heard it right. Durian stands for ‘hard outside, soft inside’.

I was like “WHAT”!!!, when did I portrayed or act like that?” these kids must be kidding me. Lol. I know you guys are just joking… rofl. I know you all like me. If not, why I got all this present for?

These are the best gifts ever.

PIANO –My heart jumped out when I saw it on my table on early morning.

Water Resistant Pens – Its water resistant, needed the most

Faber Castle 8 PITT Artist Pens – This is damn invaluable.

Bluetooth Earphone – Damn I hate wires.

Expensive chocolates – How do you guys know I love Ferraro Roche, lucky me.

Thank you so much for the gifts guys.

Oh ya, I wore my favourite turtle neck Pone shirt on my last day. “In” as Pone, “left” as Pone.

Thank you Pone.

tatta, (bubbye)


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