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[My Favourite] Part I: The 5 Best Free Android Apps You Should Try


I have been installing and uninstalling many applications (Apps) to find the best among the best. I have almost tested 80% of suggested Apps in blogs and write ups. I never had a clean simple flip page. My phone always flooded with all kind of Apps. At times, my friend goes crazy with my phone as they found it hard to find what their looking for.

Almost everyone and anything have an App now. So it is advised only to use the best.Here, I would like to share few Apps I have tested, satisfied and using it.



Merriam Webster

I always wanted to have a dictionary with an offline access so that I don’t have to “ON” data and wait for it to load before I can perform search. Finally, after few trial and errors, I settled with this one. So far, this is the most reliable and best online dictionary I ever used. It goes smooth in both online and offline. However, the audio function is only available when online. Since I am so satisfied with this App, I have stopped looking for other similar apps.

Rating: 5/5



Long ago, somehow an article had leaded me to “RSS” facility. The function helps you to read websites in efficient way. When I was so addicted to “RSS” apps Google Reader, Google had announced to take down the function on 2013. So I have no option but to find a replacement app. I tried “InoReader”,“Tiny Tiny RSS” and finally satisfied with “Feed”. Feed gives me an awesome experience with simple features.

Rating: 4/5


Repost for Insta

Since Instagram is trending, many repost apps popped like mushrooms. As you know, Instagram do not allow you to download or save pictures nor do they allow direct full rights access to other app. There are many repost apps are available in the market but like this tho. I like their light/dark editing feature for repost-profile name.

Rating: 4/5



This is a read it later app which is specially design for offline use. The super slick and simple design made me to fall in love with it. The black and white switch theme feature is super cool. The recent upgrade recommends you new stories from the people you follow. A must try app.

Rating: 5/5



I am a memory collector. I writes dairy since my teenage years. Even tough, I enjoyed owning physical diary; recently, I switched softcopy for the purpose of easy access. At first, I tried “Memoires: the Diary” and then switched to “Diaro” for its bright UI colour selection feature. It comes with security protection, unlimited photo uploads and direct backup access with dropbox.

Rating: 4/5

Tatta, (Bubbye)


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Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all the Muslimat

Marking the end of Islamic holy month Ramadhan, #EidMubarak @ #HariRayaAidilfitri is being celebrated by all our Muslims friends in #Malaysia.

This year it comes with double celebration since the date fall on weekend @Sunday which still within school holidays.

The #KLCity is seems like empty indicating most of people already “#BalikKampung” return to hometown.

Wishing them a great celebration.

Tatta, (Bubbye)




Cropped Image Of Daughter Holding Father Finger : Stock Photo

A special day dedicated to all fathers in this world. To celebrate all the hard working husband and fathers who choose to scarify their life.

Somehow, I couldn’t remember this day. That might be because I never really know how a father’s love would be. I’m more into mom.

My parent got separated when I was 13 years old. Even before, their relationship is not as great as expected. We never had a family day. We never dine together. We never really had family outing. I can tell you what would be the exact suffer of a family if they do not have a good lead.

I had no trust on men until I come across some amazing men in my life. They have changed my entire perception of a man. They showed me how a man and a father should be. I had utmost respect for the sacrifices they did for the family.  I salute their dedication to work hard to put the best food on the table.

At times, it’s sad to see when their children are not seeing what I see in this man. Every father is deserved to be respected.

A father is not less equal then a mother. I can guarantee that.

A recent living example of father is Mr Thanigasalam, a father of Malaysia’s first Malaysian Invasion Mixed Martial Arts (MIMMA) fighter Agilan Thani.

Again, happy father’s day to all fathers.

Tatta, (Bubbye)


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Good Bye Brother Nhaveen & Zulfarhan

Tears flowed down uncontrollably;

Heart gets heavier than before;

Smile disappeared unknowingly;

Surrounded with sorrows;

Unimaginable pain;

Speechless mouth;

Unfair treatment;

Gone too soon;

Good bye brother;

#RIPNhaveen #RIPZulfarhan Osman Zulkarnain

I’m sure we will be surprised if government of Malaysia reveal the static of assaulted, bullied, homicide, murdered and accidents cases in Malaysia.

Don’t you think we are losing too many precious lives for totally disgusted reasons? Who is going to take responsibility for this?

Yeah government, at least think how are you going to collect your taxes (seems like that’s the main source of your income, “ZIPPED” on your creative way to tax Malaysians) if the population is keep decreasing.

I am so worried about our future. Something is terribly wrong. We had to do something; what would that be? I don’t know.

I am just worried “DOT”

Find out what happened to 19 years old school boy here & 21 years old navy cadet student here.

OK, this is what I am talking about. My instinct is right.


Ischemic heart diseases or heart diseases remains as a principal cause of death for the last ten years, from 2005 to 2014.

Slower rate of population growth, in fact average population decreased by 0.05% p/year.

Decreasing trend of “Live Birth” & higher number of death percentage by quarter, 2007- 2017-06-15


Live Birth
Live Birth Rate
Death toll
Death Toll Rate
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This is More than Gender Discrimination

“Oh, it is a woman driver”.

Wait, what does that means? Why women are stamped as poor driver? How the driving skill associates with gender? Are you saying we do not have worse man driver? How such perception is formulated?

Let’s put aside the gender discrimination. This is more than that. Are you brainless or you do not own one?

One shouldn’t be addressed as incompetence just because she follows the common traffic rules. There is nothing wrong in putting an indicator while changing lane even though the road is clear.

There is nothing wrong in driving slow if she can’t find any reason to add pressure to that poor accelerator. The difference from pressing and not pressing the accelerator is not the skill but the need for it.

The misbehaved on the road linked to their own attitude. This is nothing to do with their gender.

I have seen man rushing for no reason. I have also witnessed man honking to elderly couple for taking their time to cross the road. This is personality. This is an attitude.

Skills are genderless. We have men chef, we have lady pilot. One should be shallow minded to discriminate this based on gender.



Tatta, (Bubbye)


Note: The opinion is purely mine.

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What #5amClub Did to Me?

Image-20170601_225850[1]I know everyone is struggling on this. We tried, tried hard. Somehow it doesn’t work. It’s easy to read than to do. It does require high level of commitment.

Recently, I have been falling asleep to early than usual. I used be an owl that sleeps around 3am. My morning fills with disasters. When I rush, I have tendency to make mistakes. I have well known for being stranded for hours for locking myself inside simply because I forgot the key.

It is a miracle, how I able to hit my bed early and managed to wake up at 4am. This is feeling amazing. Things look different now. This feeling that makes me to think that I have all the time in the world to do my own things before I pack my things to work for someone else.

I am glad; I am walking and not running to get my car. I am glad; I am able to enjoy the freshness of the morning. I am happy; I can play my favourite R&B playlist and have my jamming session. I am feeling fantastic to be able to have these energy boosters.

It is cool that I have plenty of time to dress up and put some make up to pull so called a professional look. To be precise, I have enough time to blend my eye shadows and to perfect the eyeliner and fix the ruined nail colour. Trust me, the imperfection of your eye shadow and/or eye liner is enough to degrade your competency in the eye of social world. I would choose not to wear them rather than to look silly in that way.

I over enjoyed that 15 minutes of chanting, meditation and prayers of spiritual journey that makes my morning extra special.

Importantly, I have time to fill up my tummy so that it does not crack my head exactly at 10am. Trust me, it can drive you crazy.

This is what #5amClub had done to me. It had brightened up my morning. I hope all of you could do the same. What is your secret of motivation to wake up early?


Tatta, (Bubbye)




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Quitting Is the New Future

IMG_20170531_212708[1]I’m in the process of quitting;

Quitting the bad habits;

Quitting the procrastination;

Quitting from slack friendships;

Quitting from wasting time;

Quitting the overspending;

Quitting the excess thinking;

Quitting from being bored;

Quitting from not cooking;

Quitting from oversleeping;

Quitting from having extra fat;

Quitting from “Nasi Lemak”;

Quitting from being night owl;


Quitting my office job.

Tatta, (Bubbye)