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[My Favourite] Part I: The 5 Best Free Android Apps You Should Try

I have been installing and uninstalling many applications (Apps) to find the best among the best. I have almost tested 80% of suggested Apps in blogs and write ups. I never had a clean simple flip page. My phone always flooded with all kind of Apps. At times, my friend goes crazy with my phone… Continue reading [My Favourite] Part I: The 5 Best Free Android Apps You Should Try


Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all the Muslimat

Marking the end of Islamic holy month Ramadhan, #EidMubarak @ #HariRayaAidilfitri is being celebrated by all our Muslims friends in #Malaysia. This year it comes with double celebration since the date fall on weekend @Sunday which still within school holidays. The #KLCity is seems like empty indicating most of people already “#BalikKampung” return to hometown.… Continue reading Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all the Muslimat


Good Bye Brother Nhaveen & Zulfarhan

Tears flowed down uncontrollably; Heart gets heavier than before; Smile disappeared unknowingly; Surrounded with sorrows; Unimaginable pain; Speechless mouth; Unfair treatment; Gone too soon; Good bye brother; #RIPNhaveen #RIPZulfarhan Osman Zulkarnain I’m sure we will be surprised if government of Malaysia reveal the static of assaulted, bullied, homicide, murdered and accidents cases in Malaysia. Don’t… Continue reading Good Bye Brother Nhaveen & Zulfarhan

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This is More than Gender Discrimination

“Oh, it is a woman driver”. Wait, what does that means? Why women are stamped as poor driver? How the driving skill associates with gender? Are you saying we do not have worse man driver? How such perception is formulated? Let’s put aside the gender discrimination. This is more than that. Are you brainless or… Continue reading This is More than Gender Discrimination

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What #5amClub Did to Me?

I know everyone is struggling on this. We tried, tried hard. Somehow it doesn’t work. It’s easy to read than to do. It does require high level of commitment. Recently, I have been falling asleep to early than usual. I used be an owl that sleeps around 3am. My morning fills with disasters. When I… Continue reading What #5amClub Did to Me?

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Quitting Is the New Future

I’m in the process of quitting; Quitting the bad habits; Quitting the procrastination; Quitting from slack friendships; Quitting from wasting time; Quitting the overspending; Quitting the excess thinking; Quitting from being bored; Quitting from not cooking; Quitting from oversleeping; Quitting from having extra fat; Quitting from “Nasi Lemak”; Quitting from being night owl; & Quitting… Continue reading Quitting Is the New Future