What #5amClub Did to Me?

Image-20170601_225850[1]I know everyone is struggling on this. We tried, tried hard. Somehow it doesn’t work. It’s easy to read than to do. It does require high level of commitment.

Recently, I have been falling asleep to early than usual. I used be an owl that sleeps around 3am. My morning fills with disasters. When I rush, I have tendency to make mistakes. I have well known for being stranded for hours for locking myself inside simply because I forgot the key.

It is a miracle, how I able to hit my bed early and managed to wake up at 4am. This is feeling amazing. Things look different now. This feeling that makes me to think that I have all the time in the world to do my own things before I pack my things to work for someone else.

I am glad; I am walking and not running to get my car. I am glad; I am able to enjoy the freshness of the morning. I am happy; I can play my favourite R&B playlist and have my jamming session. I am feeling fantastic to be able to have these energy boosters.

It is cool that I have plenty of time to dress up and put some make up to pull so called a professional look. To be precise, I have enough time to blend my eye shadows and to perfect the eyeliner and fix the ruined nail colour. Trust me, the imperfection of your eye shadow and/or eye liner is enough to degrade your competency in the eye of social world. I would choose not to wear them rather than to look silly in that way.

I over enjoyed that 15 minutes of chanting, meditation and prayers of spiritual journey that makes my morning extra special.

Importantly, I have time to fill up my tummy so that it does not crack my head exactly at 10am. Trust me, it can drive you crazy.

This is what #5amClub had done to me. It had brightened up my morning. I hope all of you could do the same. What is your secret of motivation to wake up early?


Tatta, (Bubbye)




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