Cropped Image Of Daughter Holding Father Finger : Stock Photo

A special day dedicated to all fathers in this world. To celebrate all the hard working husband and fathers who choose to scarify their life.

Somehow, I couldn’t remember this day. That might be because I never really know how a father’s love would be. I’m more into mom.

My parent got separated when I was 13 years old. Even before, their relationship is not as great as expected. We never had a family day. We never dine together. We never really had family outing. I can tell you what would be the exact suffer of a family if they do not have a good lead.

I had no trust on men until I come across some amazing men in my life. They have changed my entire perception of a man. They showed me how a man and a father should be. I had utmost respect for the sacrifices they did for the family.  I salute their dedication to work hard to put the best food on the table.

At times, it’s sad to see when their children are not seeing what I see in this man. Every father is deserved to be respected.

A father is not less equal then a mother. I can guarantee that.

A recent living example of father is Mr Thanigasalam, a father of Malaysia’s first Malaysian Invasion Mixed Martial Arts (MIMMA) fighter Agilan Thani.

Again, happy father’s day to all fathers.

Tatta, (Bubbye)


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