How Not To Stay Close Door

Fresh air, refreshing view, people, place, and movements. Hmm… What a relief.

I planned to stay indoors for this weekend except for my jogging routine on Saturday. I thought, this way, I can complete all my pending tasks which are piling up on my to-do list.

But I was so wrong. And, this is not the first time it had happened to me.

I just couldn’t stay indoors with limited movements. I demand fresh sceneries surrounded by movements. Walls are killing me. Stagnant is a poison. I need to breathe. Breath with movements and energy. I love mobility and started to embrace the change.

Believe me, I have tried multiple times to stay stagnant focusing to complete my work. I just couldn’t do it. Why it’s so? I don’t know. The only thing that can hold me stagnant is Instagram, Feedly, Pinterest, WordPress, Pocket, Twitter, YouTube, Etsy, Flipboard, and Newstand you name it.

While writing this post, I’m enjoying (do I?) my ginger tea and maggie soup (sucks)

Gosh, I screwed up again.

P.s. That’s called maggie soup by the way I asked for Mamak style spicy, so they gave me a maggie powder pack for self service.

Tc tatta (bubbye)


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