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Memories; Bye-Bye 2017

As much as you want to carry forward your memories so that you have plenty of it to hold your breath at the end of your life, you still want to get rid some of them. Mainly because of the emotions you have attached to it.

Good or bad it’s still a memory, a past that gives you a pleasure and/or the pain.

One wouldn’t have a clue of their turning point. But, I have few in my life. 2006, 2013 is the strongest one that holds a lot of past that I do not want to cling to it. When I look back, I only wanted to know how I have survived, moved on and reached here.

I have no regrets in my life. Every decision I have made, every mistakes I have done is purely mine. I made that decision, I made that mistake. I have no one to blame to. It reflects me. It leads me here.

2017 is the sub turning point that thought me a lot of learning. Challenges, bullies, emotions, pains, fears and tears which had thought me; how hard it is to survive in this world as who you are.

When you are pushed hard to go against who you are, forced to change yourself, advised to adapt to existing world so that you can survive; it really hard.

It’s really hard to stay who you are. When the reality hits, you are advised to put a face mask and go against your willingness.

I got so confused and lost by this process. I wish I will not get influenced by this world.

I am happy for who I am. I am delighted to be like this. I wish I can stay like this forever. I am praying hard not to get influenced by the common thinking of the world.

My only wish to the GOD; let me be and stay as who I am.

Thank you 2017 for teaching me what you have taught me.

tatta, (bubbye)


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Mental Illness Is the Worst

Kim jong

By now, the world knows the suicidal of #SouthKorean #KPop star #KimJongHyun at the peak of his career. Remember, he did it when he has everything he wished for. I couldn’t blame him for his action.

As I used to tell my friends that none of us would know the deep of the pain regardless how big or small it is unless we experience it. So stop talking about someone as you are know them.

We can sit and blabbering thousand and one perspective about someone’s life; only because we are not on their shoes.

Depression and loneliness is the silent killer which don’t cost you a single organ but your entire life. It is worst than physical illness. Sadness, graveness, frustration, rage, anxious or even irritation is sickening. Trust me, they take full control of your soul and gives you a blunt boldness to act out of your mind.

It defeats everyone in despite of age, gender, education, financial status, public status or anything you could possibly classify.

I can surely say that all of us have experienced it at some point of time in our life.

Everyone have to pay the price for who we have become. Today, we (the common people) have the luxury of freedom to give up and the comfort of time to cry for hours. No one is cares to bother about us.

But this man (#KimJongHyun) is not given an option to give up, enough time to cry. The public and haters who are care way too much about his private and personal life.

He had his hard time and none of us could understand it.

So let’s stop playing this blaming game and offer a helping hand.

As you grow older, experience the bad side of the life, getting to the lowest point of your life and question your existence, it gets intense to carry the burden way too much and way too long. The freedom demands your life and you are forced to take that bold act to pay the price.

Bravo Brother! May your soul rest in peace.

We see you when we see you.

tatta, (bubbye)


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Hello December 2017

Hello December!!! We all know you are here to end the year. While everyone are excited and overjoyed with festivals, birthday parties and sales, why you wanted to be a bad person for some for past few years? Why you always wanted to end everyone’s joy with unexpected tragedies?

This year tragedies are enough. Would you stop it?

Anyway, with all the public holidays, I hope you will disappear in a blink. As much I do not want to end the year, I still want to end you.

It feels like I just celebrated my New Year a week ago. Did I achieve my goal this year? Not fully I would say. But, I have learnt enough about career life and how stressful it can be at times. It thought me how to manage tough times. Being emotionally strong is the hardest thing to do in life.

But I’m glad it has paved my future. I showed me what my passion is. I know where I will end up in life.

Besides 2013, this is another unforgettable year; which had thought me who I am and what is life all about.

Looking forward to 2018. But it’s scary to have a new year every year. Lol

tatta, (bubbye)


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[Street Life] Walking the Street & Discovering New Things

Walking a street will never disappoint you. It’s a way of exploring and discovering. A soul healing moment conceive of many hidden surprises and I love doing it. This is something that persistently motivating me the way I wanted to live my life. Nomad is a way of life. Say no to man created life. Strain yourself from rules and especially on 8 to 9 odd job. Yes, office job is forever a odd job for me. *soon, I’ll write about my perspective on this.

Driving expose you the new road. Walking locates you a discovery.

Once a while, take the unknown road. Once a while, get down and walk the alley. You’ll be surprise where it can lead you. How it finds you new people.

Once my lady boss said, there is no such thing called waste. There is only an experience.

Walking is like a life. As you walk passed, as the time passed, you move on discovering yourself. As I love to create string of emotions to anything that attached to me, I had hardest time to move on. Walking the street had helped me to learn this art. I come to learn that every step to move further gives you a new discovery, a new experience, a new perspective, a new reason, a new breath, a new life.

It discovers you more than you discovered yourself.

It discovers me the art of writing. It opens up the flow of inspiration.

Today, I’m sitting at the end corner of this new discovered place, writing this right now. The inspiration poured out like nobody’s business.

I’m glad I did it.

tatta, (bubbye)


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In Love with #Floral #Tie #Trend

Trends are changing. From contemporary sophistication into personalise artistic touch.

I think being artistic and unique is more important than following a trend. Trends are designed for those who are unable to cultivate their own style.

It’s lovely to witness men are adapting to this changes. These #FloralTies are too adorable for these guys.

tatta, (bubbye)


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Advice Is Free but Not Everyone Need It

Think about it. How many of people who are truly listen to your advice. First of all, did they ask for it?

So let’s stop being too nice and give abundance of advice to someone who don’t really care about it.

I’m not being sarcastic here. But, I’m trying to stop you from getting humiliated and save you from wasting your time for something that not so important.

I hate listening to advice; moreover if the person is pushing me to act in preference her/his advice.

Don’t take me wrong. I knew you are care for me and wanna see me in good place. I do listen to your say. But stop pushing me to take your advice. I knew if I wanted; if I accepted; I’ll likely to take your advice.

All I’m doing is sharing my story to you; even that only happened; if I wanted to do so or it’s naturally find its way. I don’t care even if you listen but I’m merely sharing. That’s it.

The more you are pushing to take your advice; the more I’ll ignore. Trust me, I’ll do.

So let’s be fair to each other. If I nodded and noted your advice; please stop there. Please do not ever put a pressure on me to act because you care for me way too much.

Let’s not cross the boundaries unless I allow you to do so.

My message is simple. I’m ok to listen to your advice but I’m not ok to take your pressure.

You probably would be thinking I’m rude. Let me tell you this. Only those who have the maturity, way beyond a common person would be able to take a straightforward clear cut message.

Think about it. I wish you to be a wiser adviser.

tatta, (bubbye)


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