Hello December 2017

Hello December!!! We all know you are here to end the year. While everyone are excited and overjoyed with festivals, birthday parties and sales, why you wanted to be a bad person for some for past few years? Why you always wanted to end everyone’s joy with unexpected tragedies?

This year tragedies are enough. Would you stop it?

Anyway, with all the public holidays, I hope you will disappear in a blink. As much I do not want to end the year, I still want to end you.

It feels like I just celebrated my New Year a week ago. Did I achieve my goal this year? Not fully I would say. But, I have learnt enough about career life and how stressful it can be at times. It thought me how to manage tough times. Being emotionally strong is the hardest thing to do in life.

But I’m glad it has paved my future. I showed me what my passion is. I know where I will end up in life.

Besides 2013, this is another unforgettable year; which had thought me who I am and what is life all about.

Looking forward to 2018. But it’s scary to have a new year every year. Lol

tatta, (bubbye)


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One response to “Hello December 2017”

  1. Ξnigma Avatar

    Well, Merry Christmas and a very happy new year. 😀


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