Mental Illness Is the Worst

Kim jong

By now, the world knows the suicidal of #SouthKorean #KPop star #KimJongHyun at the peak of his career. Remember, he did it when he has everything he wished for. I couldn’t blame him for his action.

As I used to tell my friends that none of us would know the deep of the pain regardless how big or small it is unless we experience it. So stop talking about someone as you are know them.

We can sit and blabbering thousand and one perspective about someone’s life; only because we are not on their shoes.

Depression and loneliness is the silent killer which don’t cost you a single organ but your entire life. It is worst than physical illness. Sadness, graveness, frustration, rage, anxious or even irritation is sickening. Trust me, they take full control of your soul and gives you a blunt boldness to act out of your mind.

It defeats everyone in despite of age, gender, education, financial status, public status or anything you could possibly classify.

I can surely say that all of us have experienced it at some point of time in our life.

Everyone have to pay the price for who we have become. Today, we (the common people) have the luxury of freedom to give up and the comfort of time to cry for hours. No one is cares to bother about us.

But this man (#KimJongHyun) is not given an option to give up, enough time to cry. The public and haters who are care way too much about his private and personal life.

He had his hard time and none of us could understand it.

So let’s stop playing this blaming game and offer a helping hand.

As you grow older, experience the bad side of the life, getting to the lowest point of your life and question your existence, it gets intense to carry the burden way too much and way too long. The freedom demands your life and you are forced to take that bold act to pay the price.

Bravo Brother! May your soul rest in peace.

We see you when we see you.

tatta, (bubbye)


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