Memories; Bye-Bye 2017

As much as you want to carry forward your memories so that you have plenty of it to hold your breath at the end of your life, you still want to get rid some of them. Mainly because of the emotions you have attached to it.

Good or bad it’s still a memory, a past that gives you a pleasure and/or the pain.

One wouldn’t have a clue of their turning point. But, I have few in my life. 2006, 2013 is the strongest one that holds a lot of past that I do not want to cling to it. When I look back, I only wanted to know how I have survived, moved on and reached here.

I have no regrets in my life. Every decision I have made, every mistakes I have done is purely mine. I made that decision, I made that mistake. I have no one to blame to. It reflects me. It leads me here.

2017 is the sub turning point that thought me a lot of learning. Challenges, bullies, emotions, pains, fears and tears which had thought me; how hard it is to survive in this world as who you are.

When you are pushed hard to go against who you are, forced to change yourself, advised to adapt to existing world so that you can survive; it really hard.

It’s really hard to stay who you are. When the reality hits, you are advised to put a face mask and go against your willingness.

I got so confused and lost by this process. I wish I will not get influenced by this world.

I am happy for who I am. I am delighted to be like this. I wish I can stay like this forever. I am praying hard not to get influenced by the common thinking of the world.

My only wish to the GOD; let me be and stay as who I am.

Thank you 2017 for teaching me what you have taught me.

tatta, (bubbye)


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