#Beware Of Your #SocialMedia Postings

I knew it’s your account, it’s your wall and who am I to say that?

But …

Remember!!! Your posts are public. You can be selective in your audience. The readers could be your own friend and relative but they always have an option to share it to public.

So, nothing “NOTHING” is your own when comes to social media.

So, stop posting 1001 pictures of your one day event, each and every inch of your uninteresting daily activities, nauseating throw of your son, disgusting close up of used diaper, uncomfortable perspective of your nose, horrible view of your pimples, blurred and not planned snaps and the list goes on.

tatta, (bubbye)


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The Strange Act – The Girl – The Reality Behind The Scene

[This is a delayed post that worth telling]

It’s was a great Saturday morning. It was my first weekend for 2018.

I have decided to go to the nursery located at the end of the housing area at PJ #Oldtown. Then, I saw this new restaurant called “Nasi Kandar Kari Kepala Ikan” right opposite the nursery. Since, I’m feeling so thirsty, I have decided to have “tea o ice” before heading to my office to do some printing works.

So, here I am having my drink and getting entertained by Insta stories. Then, I saw this malay girls; one without scarf (Girl A) and the other one is with scarf (Girl B) sitting at the right-hand side of my table having their nasi kandar.

Somehow, I felt strange about this Girl A. While she is enjoying her meal; the strain of the curry powder was all over her mouth and she doesn’t seem to be bothered. It’s kind of weird behaviour for a cute pretty bubbly girl like her. Then, my curiosity kicks in and I have started to observe her.

She is wearing a simple but not so clean t-shirt with deep ocean blue straight cut jeans. Her bun looks little messy and not tied properly. She carries that “just woke up” look. And of course, she doesn’t seem to be bothered.

While observing her, an Indian man whom sits beside her table was offering a drink to her and she refused to it with no eye contact. Then, she stand up and did little talking to a Malay guy whom shared the same table with the Indian man.

I thought the men were strangers to the girls. There were no communications or body language between them. Again, strange.

Back to the story, there were not much conversation is happening between the girls and the men.

My instinct kicks in. I couldn’t clearly tell what it was. But, I knew something strange is happening.

They were walking to their car. Now, I can guess it clearly. The girls are properly come from Malay village and they could be between 15-16 years old. These are young teenage girls.

While walking, the girls are whispering to each other. The Girl A showed her fear and helpless face to the other. Her wrinkles said that she is fear of something (the unknown).

On the other hand, the men are seen happy. They had their hand on each others’ shoulder.

Here I am still observing …..

It’s a taxi. They are getting into a taxi. While the Malay man and Girl B taking the back seat, the Indian man and Girl A taking the front seat. *Strange

Before I can digest the happening, they have fled the scene. One thing is sure; my instinct is telling there is something not right here. The innocent Girl A could be a victim; being traded for a service.

But, it’s too late to react. I could have done something, at least should have jotted the plate number. I’m feeling guilty for the whole day.

Life is so unfair to some. I hope, I was wrong about the whole scene.

Dear GOD, please give back her teenage life.

tatta, (bubbye)


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[#tamakaTravelLogue] #RoadTrip 2018 #SimpangPertang #NegeriSembilan #Malaysia

Date: 01 Jan 2018                    Days: 2 Days One Night

It’s been a yearly routine for me to go on road trip on every New Year. So, far I have done it for pass three years. Hopefully, I can keep up to this annual routine.

This year I didn’t plan anything in advance until the last day of 2017. **Mind voice: it’s been like that every year. Initially, I planned to go to hometown but changed my mind. I knew I wanted to go to somewhere but I couldn’t fix any destination. Suddenly, the idea bulb popped out. Why don’t I visit my childhood places where I have been raised? It’s always been my lifetime goal and why don’t I take this as an opportunity? I had Renjok, Pahang & Simpang Pertang, Negeri Sembilan in my mind but I still couldn’t take that first step because the unknown fear of travelling alone conquered me.


Finally, I made myself brave and picked #SimpangPertang. I left this place when I was 11 years old. I only stayed here for about two years yet the memories are so fresh in my mind. I witnessed some of my life’s best and worse here.

I learnt my cycling, fishing, cadet, bird feeding, rubber tapping, hardworking, braveness, kindness, jealousy, revenge, harassment, poverty, family conflicts & etc etc… all here.

Looking back, how years had passed and some of the things remains unchanged especially, the trees, roads, houses, buildings. I literally couldn’t believe that I’m walking the same road after decades. It’s a strange feeling.

I wonder why I took decades to visit this place when it’s just an hour and half from #KLCity? Well, I can only laugh at my stupidity.


I found a small hotel (Simpang Pertang INN) within the town. I braved myself to book a room with an attached bathroom that cost RM80 p/night. A room with sharing bathroom is only cost RM60. It’s a big room that can easily accommodate 4 people. Two big balconies are a plus. You are also allowed to use the big hall (downstairs) and hotel’s facilities for free. It is built in an isolated residential area surrounded with nature with quite environment. If you are looking for a calm and slow kind of lifestyle environment to relieve your city life stress, this is the best with rating 4/5.

Luckily, they were having a eve celebration for the New Year organized by #BarisanNational (BN). So, I had an opportunity to witness their firework which is lasted more than 5 minutes and I’m impressed.

I visited my (used to stay) house, walked the roads, rounded the residential area, greeted the trees and chatted with few uncles and aunties. They laughed at me for visiting the place after so many years yet praised my braveness to do so.


The next morning, I walked the small Chinese town called #LadangPertang which I used to cross by to go a felda for a rubber tapper plantation when I was 11 years old. I also studied at the school located inside an estate named #SRJK(T)LadangPertang. I couldn’t find that felda & school tho.

I instantly fall in love with this small #LadangPertang town . This is my kind of place which interprets how a real life should be. A perfect place to retire. Rubber tapping and cultivation are still the main source of their income. #Durians are mainly cultivated here and transported to #Segamat (JB).  So, if you are buying Durians at Segamat, it’s mostly cultivated here. If you are asking, of course I tasted the fresh Durian on early morning and its super delicious.


After hours of rounding, I kissed good bye and left the place with big heart. My heart says “I should come back”. & I WILL.

2018-01-19 02652174429..jpg
The Big Hall
2018-01-19 021610833817..jpg
The Hotel Room
2018-01-19 021037761883..jpg
The Queen size bed
2018-01-19 02884709145..jpg
The of the fruit shop from the many unaccountable
2018-01-19 02135450820..jpg
Taman Simpang Pertang, right under the big mountain
2018-01-19 021192000825..jpg
The trees where I used to take school bus
2018-01-06 10873013555..jpg
The shortcut hallway I used to take to another “Taman”
2018-01-19 021408822009..jpg
Ladang Pertang Town
2018-01-19 021142075456..jpg
Ladang Pertang village
2018-01-01 07567845457..jpg
The Wild Cactus
2018-01-19 021345269951..jpg
The backyard of the Village
2018-01-19 021953527755..jpg
The Wild Cactus just by Roadside which almost blocked the school signboard
2018-01-19 021302899120..jpg
The Creative Cultivation by Villagers at the their Frontyard
2018-01-19 02653337091..jpg
The Cultivation
2018-01-19 021135589590..jpg
The Tapping

tatta, (bubbye)


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#Jumanji the Movie; #TheRock; #Malaysian are Inseparable


Just In just two weeks of release #Jumanji topped number one in Malaysia and the 3rd biggest movie of all time of all the movies. WOW!!! How big is that?

And, that exactly why #JohnDwayne @ #TheRock made a one minute video to send his love to Malaysia.

My fellow Malaysian, watch our hero thanking us here in his IG.

Planning to go for second, third and your forth watch ????? Why not ?? book your tickets early and fix a date with your friends. Enjoy !!!!

tatta, (bubbye)


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It’s been 23 hours, 2017 is long gone becoming a past.

It’s time to move on and forget anything that happened in 2017. You are given another opportunity to create a new life.

This is another reminder for me to constantly bug myself to let go, to move on, to change and to work on my life.

1st January is super fast to remember what we have done. The future holds another 364 days to paint your life.

Grab your colours and be ready to paint new art of your life to be achieve on 2019.


P.s. It’s so scary to quote 2019. If you know what I mean.

tatta, (bubbye)