#Trees Are Our #Ancestors. Learn To #Respect Them


Every creature of the nature is deserved to be respected. So do the trees.

Don’t you think they are lived decades compared to us?

They have seen more than us. They have witness our histories. They have witness our daily life. They have witnessed our happiness, sadness, celebration, fights, loneliness and etc, etc, etc…

Aren’t they having the rights to live longer to tell the stories to our grandchildren? You bet.

Every tree is deserved to be protected and cherished with utmost respect.  They are our ancestors. Treat them well. Give them the respect and protection they deserve. They are giving you the oxygen to be alive for god sake.

It is so heartbreaking to see them being chopped unnecessarily in the name of development.

One tree; one house. Let’s seed our soul in them. Let’s protect them.

I think, “WE” the new generation are losing valuable things in the name of the technology and development. AND, it sad.


tatta, (bubbye)


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