[#Tips] How to use #Hastag for #Dummies

Even though, #Hashtag already become a common feature in social medias; I believe some are still do not know how to use it properly; or the purpose of #Hashtag feature.

I do not blame you. Perhaps, the innovation of technology is too fast and you are too busy to explore it.

So, this is for you.

#Hastag is first bought into market by #Twitter and then adopted by other platforms like Instagram, Facbook, Pinterest, Google+ and other social media platforms. It become an instant hit and gained popularity. Since then, it has become unstoppable.

The main purpose of #Hastag is to ease the search. It narrows and specifies the search items. Even, you can create your own #Hastag to personalise it.

These are the samples of #Hastag being used wrongly.

  • #greatmorning#
  • #greatmorning #
  • #great morning#
  • #great#morning#
  • # great morning#

How to Use #Hastag

Be specific and use relevant #Hastag. Do go to lengthy and over creative because no one will use it such a way.

  • #greatmorningwithmydarlinginthehousebarckyard#
  • #greatmorningvibrationlover

#Hastag use should be short and simple; maximum preferable length is between 3 to 4 words. If your #Hastag has more than two words, you can capitalise the first letter to ease the reading. #Hastag will not able to differentiate the small and capital letters. So, don’t worry.

  • #instablackandwhite or #InstaBlackandWhite

How do I use #Hastag

I usually use 1 or two words in my #Hastag. Generally, I will capitalize the first letter for clear design and ease the reading.

  • #GoodMorning

Most importantly, use the relevant and medium popular #Hastag. Using the common and popular #Hastag has high competition and your post will not standout to get the attention it needs.

There are great apps that can help you to get appropriate #Hastag. I’ll be taking about this soon. So, stay tuned for my posts. To make sure you don’t miss out any of my post, follow me via google account.

tatta, (bubbye)


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