#BreakingNews Actress #Sridevi Passed Away. What a cruel life?

I do not want to post this. But, I wanted to remember this bad day 25.2.2018 in my life.

You will never wanted to have a heart breaking news like this on early morning.

I woke up early usual than before. It’s just 0530 and strangely, I couldn’t sleep anymore. Did this strange happens because there will be a heartbreaking bad news on early morning? I don’t know how many journalists’ and editors’ sleep would have disturbed today. They are probably working on the news by now.

Life is so cruel. She has retweeted a post yesterday and today she is no more. Had to believe. Looking back on her work, she is a legendary queen. All those hard works, years of efforts and the empire of her name crashed just within a seconds?. And, it has to happen when her daughter is not within by her side?

Oh God, what you are trying to say? The reality is hitting me hard. Showing how cruel a life can be. It’s scares me out of ****

Dying is not hard. But, living thinking you’ll die one day and it could be anytime is the most scariest thing in life.

Life is not gift; living is.

Strive for excellency on every breath; not every day because you’ll will never know when your breath gonna stop before your day ends.

I can never forget you maam. Premature dead is not sad but sickening. Because of you, I hates the words called “cardiac arrest”

It just too cruel. Rest In Peace maam. Love you always. Love for #Sridevi forever and ever.

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