[Not a #Foodie] #NasiLemak Bumbung, #PetalingJaya

I am not a foodie and that’s for sure. I’m selective when comes to foods. That’s because I’m not a fan of many food items. As long as the food is tastes good and worth for the money, I’m fine with it. At times, it’s a real frustration when you are ended up spending money for not-so-good food. So, I have decided to share my reviews on the foods I have tried. I don’t really go out and explore foods out there, but I can surely suggest you good foods that I have tried. So, buckle up and explore these series of posts.


Frankly, it’s not even a stall. It’s a food served in alley which usually started to get active after 6PM. They operate until 3PM and close shops on alternative Fridays. Expect little bits of crowds tho. I guess; most of the people in Klang Valley are already know the place and the foods.

By the way, #NasiLemak is a common Malay Malaysians food which is truly enjoyed by all Malaysians ethnic.

The plain basic nasi lemak is only RM2.50 per plates and with fried chicken is only RM5.00. This is not the traditional typed Malaysian’s styled nasi lemak. Definitely, you can expect different taste here.

Besides, nasi lemak they are also serving fried foods. I have tried few of them and I love it.

I don’t know why they named it as “Bumbung” = Roof, but it’s worth checking out.

tatta, (bubbye)


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