#SriDevi : Respect and Remember for her Hard work

We love to talk. In fact, we love to talk a lot. That’s exactly what we had done for #SriDevi the Indian actress who had passed away recently.

We want to believe anything and everything people say when it attracted us the most.

First day reports said she died due to cardiac arrest. We get shocked and believed it.

Then, a doctor out of nowhere claimed the cardiac arrest was as a result of side effect since she was consuming bills to stay slim. We blamed the husband for not stopping her. We blamed the fashion designers who have business interest through her beauty and figure. This time we cared. We cared about our fellow colleagues’ health. So, we forwarded the message in all social media platforms we have registered without even to validate the source of the info. Because, we care. We care too much.

Then, police said according to her post mortem reports, she died out of accidental drowning after losing consciousness for consuming alcohol. This time we laughed at her dead body concluding this as her stupidity. We laughed because it’s shameful and funny for a woman to get drunk and drown. This time, we get excited. We get excited to quickly share the news at the same social media platforms all over the net to share the laugh with same minded people.

We want to tell the whole world that she didn’t die out of cardiac arrest or the side effect of slimming pills but got drunk and drowned. (ha..ha..ha..)

We care less on her family’s feelings. We bother nothing of her years of hard work which she has built since she was 4 years old. We care, this time we care only about us. We get excited. We get excited to talk and gossip about her.

Frankly, aren’t you shame of yourselves?

Aren’t you got drunk before? Or lost stability out of alcohol before?

So, stop it. Seriously, stop it.

Even, if she would have died due to accidental drowning, who are you to laugh about it? If your own mother died the same way, you wouldn’t want the whole world to talk and laugh about it. So, leave her alone.

Respect and remember her for her work. Remember her for who she was. You and I can’t beat her dedication at any point of time. If you are not happy with it, leave her alone.

Now, new conspiracy has occurred. What was concluded as closed become a mystery? This is to be continued. The truth is, probably #Sridevi itself wouldn’t know how she had died.

By the way, life is all about living every second. The next second is not yours and it’s not guaranteed for sure.

Her Last Retweet
Her Last Tweet

It #Jhanvi’s birthday on 6th March 2017. She and her father #BoneyKapoor have released official tributes to #Sridevi on tweeter accounts.

Her ashes is reportedly to be immersed in #Rameshwaram . May her soul rest in peace.

A respect for all the hard work, dedication and talent she has shown us. Glad, #Oscar2018 had honoured her.

tatta, (bubbye)


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