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I am not a foodie and that’s for sure. I’m selective when comes to foods. That’s because I’m not a fan of many food items. As long as the food is tastes good and worth for the money, I’m fine with it. At times, it’s a real frustration when you are ended up spending money for not-so-good food. So, I have decided to share my reviews on the foods I have tried. I don’t really go out and explore foods out there, but I can surely suggest you good foods that I have tried. So, buckle up and explore these series of posts.


This is the second time I’m having lunch here. First time was an accidental found. I’m so satisfied with the taste and service so I come back. This time, I took some snaps to be shared here.

The name of the shop is Restaurant Lorong Seratus Tahun. The whole menus are prepared on an authentic Penang style. The shop is located at their food court inside the Sunway Putra shopping mall. The food court is well designed which gives you restaurant kind of feeling. Comfort and cleanness are assured. Most importantly, they have been recognised by #TimeOut Kuala Lumpur. Just sit and enjoy every bite.

These seven items are the main highlights. However, they also have other varieties so, no worries.

2018-03-07 09387339556..jpg

Their service is “A” level and I’m so satisfied. The serving is quick and tempting. I can assure that.

2018-03-07 09923757158..jpg

I tried the Prawn Mee with only RM11.55. The only dissatisfaction is they sliced the prawn. It’s Prawn Mee, so I wished to see a whole prawn man. Nevertheless, taste is guaranteed.

2018-03-07 091371538746..jpg

2018-03-07 09809478643..jpg

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

tatta, (bubbye)


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