[Not a #Foodie] #TomyamSoup, #Oldtown #PetalingJaya

mdeI am not a foodie and that’s for sure. I’m selective when comes to foods. That’s because I’m not a fan of many food items. As long as the food is tastes good and worth for the money, I’m fine with it. At times, it’s a real frustration when you are ended up spending money for not-so-good food. So, I have decided to share my reviews on the foods I have tried. I don’t really go out and explore foods out there, but I can surely suggest you good foods that I have tried. So, buckle up and explore these series of posts.

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mdemdeI’m a hard core lover of Tomyam soup. And, that’s how I found this shop.

It’s located at old town #PetalingJaya (PJ). It is not hard to find it. In fact, it’s located beside the roadside opposite of Public Bank #PJ.

mdeIf you’re looking for the spicy one, this is it. It’s worth trying. I had a bowl of white rice, chicken tomyam soup and kangkung belacan with hot the “o”. The whole meal cost below RM15.

I haven’t tried the other menus but thumps up for #TomyamSoup.

Rating: 3/5

 tatta, (bubbye)


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