An Ethic of Helping People

Those of you who know me know that I love to help people. Helping people is something that comes naturally for me. I find peace in it.

But, have you ever dropped the intention of helping someone because of their attitude?


I have helped many people who have wasted my time and energy. Now, I come out with my own rules in helping someone.

Before we head to the five rules, here are the some of my thoughts that I journal before.

Mistakes Are Discoveries. Worship them.

Everyone Is Responsible for Their Own Action


Believe in Karma; it’s real and it’s fast.

#Beware Of Your #SocialMedia Postings

ok, now these are the 5 rules I have created for myself.

1| Analysis their attitude

Analysis their past request and how they have behaved when you helped them. Are they someone who is frequently asking for a help even for a small thing? Have they ever made any initiatives to get it done by themselves before seeking for a help?

2| Zero effort

Did you ever sense zero effort from them even though you have furnished them with all the information needed? Yet, are they still asking you for a direction? Did they fail to read your text messages? Have they failed to pay attention to your guidance? If the answer yes, basically, they are asking you to spoon feed them. Let me tell you, Yes, I love to help people but I don’t spoon feed anyone either. The one asking you to spoon feed is disrespecting your effort and time. So, I don’t entertain them.

3|Watch-out the character

Pay attention to their character. Are they demanding? Have they cancelled the appointment at last minutes and don’t even bother to update you? Are they self-claiming that they are so tied-up and pushing you to make a room for them? If yes, abandoned them. They are not worthy of help. Abandoning them is totally fine.

4|No Appreciation

If they never bother to thank you regardless of how small is your kindness, do not ever spend your precious time on them. These are selfish people. They have zero respect for your kindness and time. They just want to get their things done.  

5| The continuity in seeking help 

Are they keep asking for a help for the same reason.  That means they never bother to learn. Stop helping these people. There are totally not worthy of your time. They don’t deserve for a help. It is advisable you focus on someone else who truly deserve a help.

tatta, (bubbye)


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