An Arts of Asking Help


Do you know asking for help is an art? If you did it correctly, it may have ended up benefiting you in long terms. Therefore, taking the time to learn how to ask for help is all worthy.

5 things to do when you want to get help.

“Before that here you go a post I wrote on An Ethic of Helping People. Find out 5 ways of helping people”

1| Rethink Your Decision

If you think you need a help of someone, rethink again. Are you sure you can’t do this alone? If it can be done by yourself, please do not hesitate. All you need is that little bit of extra effort. Reserve this request for an emergency. At times, it’s good to be independent while we can.

2| Be Polite on Your Request

It could be your dad, your close friend or a total stranger. There is always a way to ask for help. Ask it politely regardless of how close you are with the person. Remember, you’re asking for a favor. So, don’t overconfident that it is ok to instruct someone to help you just because there are close to you. Ask whether they are willing to help you.

3| Show Empathy

When someone is helping you and if you saw them struggling like carrying your luggage, ask them if they are ok? Offer them a help; it works in both ways. By this, they will know you are sincere in your request. Getting someone to help you and then leaving them alone is not a wise act.

4| Learn to say thank you

We all heard enough that people have forgotten how to say thank you. Regardless of how small is the favor, someone did for you; thank them. Remember, they made the choice to help you and spend their time for you. Every kind act must be appreciated regardless of big or small.

5| Payback the favor

A small act like buy them a coffee, accompany them when needed, send-off or a kind gesture like waving at them will make their day. Payback their kindness with respect. When needed to repay with the same kindness.

The world is busy disappearing in the world of technology forgetting the art of communication. While innovation is needed and necessary, let us not forget the art that we have already own.

tatta, (bubbye)


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