[Street Life] Lessons are everywhere; learn to look at different perspective.

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It was Sunday, me my friend made that sudden decision to visit the Berjaya Hills’s four faces of Buddha temple. The visit is done. We head to an organically grown vegetable hunt at nearby Chinese village “Kampung Bukit Tinggi Bentong”.

It was a small, compact and crowded village with overflowing visitors. Having a hard time to find parking on the narrow one-way road, I and my friend are forced to take that long-curved roadway.

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Taking the way down, my friend asked me to take another road which seems like less taken by the road users. Out of curiosity, I did. Little did I know that this small sudden decision is going to teach me a life lesson learning.

It was downwards narrow path with 180C degree corner within a 100-meter distance from us which it seems like only can be used by bikers and pedestrians. I pulled off. I made a quick decision that it’s a dead-end road. There is no way a car can go through it. It is definitely leading no way. I was so confident about what I was thinking and quite firm with my decision.

However, my friend is pushing me over to try out. I quit, I said. I get down and asked her to take the wheel if she is insisted to go over it.

She did. She took over the wheel.

She drove overtaking that sharp blind corner. Out of my surprise, there is life after that blind corner which I thought it’s a dead end.  In fact, there is a lot of cars that have been brilliantly parked utilizing the available space. Oh! there is a BMW after us. It seems like he followed us.  We have even led a path for a BMW to make it. Oh! There is lorry; even a lorry can make it? Just a few minutes ago, I thought I will not make it. What a lesson I learned today.

I’m a daring person and I knew that. I have taken lonely roads on my yearly road trips routine. I also have taken silent roads before. Yet, this time I hesitated. I made a quick decision which has stopped me from moving further.  Obviously, it not because I am not daring enough. It is because that I already made my decision even before giving a try.

When we made it, it made me think how silly my thought was just now. These few minutes of my life had thought me a great lesson of my life.

At times, life lessons come in a small portion of seconds. Every mistake happens for a reason to teach you a lesson. You just have to nurture that different perspective to acknowledge the reason why something is happening in your life.

Throughout my life, I have learned to look into things at a different perspective. There is always a fair justification for what is happening or had happened in your life.

Lessons are everywhere; learn to look at it from a different perspective.

tatta, (bubbye)


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