#Christmas Tree within the City

#Christmas Tree within the City

Christmas! This is when all #Malaysians got excited mainly for the #ChristmasDeco and wild shopping.

This is also the time almost all the major shopping complex in #Malaysia will not go without a Christmas Tree.

Every year, I’ll make sure that I go around shopping complex to capture the creativity of people.

Here are the some that I managed to snap for #Christmas2018

Sit and enjoy the beauty of the festive season!

2019-01-06 101443492382..jpg
2019-01-06 10566962866..jpg
Main Palace, USJ 21
2019-01-06 101208754044..jpg
Nu Sentral , KL
2019-01-06 10181087966..jpg
Pavilion, KL
2019-01-06 10191760021..jpg
Pavilion Entrance
2019-01-06 102076427490..jpg
Nu Sentral, KL
Pavilion Main Deco
2019-01-06 101774909234..jpg
Pavilion, KL

 tatta, (bubbye)


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