[#tamakaTravelogue] Road Trip to #Raub #Pahang

As you’ll know It been my routine to go on a lonely #roadtrip every new year. This is counted as my 4th road trip.

All these years, the road trip has been a soul-soothing journey to reminiscence the pasts and how it has shaped my life.

Read about last road trip 2017, & 2018. (I didn’t blog the 2016 road trip)

This year I have decided to include my sister in my plan since she has insisted. It was one of her life goals to revisit this childhood place. In fact, it is ok to say that it was mine too.

This road trip has given me a slightly different experience but a valuable one. The difference is that I got to see the childish reactions of my sister when she has re-visited her childhood places.

By the way, Raub is my birthplace. In fact, six of my siblings are born here excluding my sister who carries Perak NRIC.  I was eight and my sister was 13 years old when we left this place. She ended up straight in Perak with my grandma while I traveled along the south cites from Karak – Simpang Pertang – Batu Gajah with my parents.


Even though the Raub town is dead by 8:30 pm with heavy rain with no new year celebration arranged; I must say that this road trip is meant to teach me a very strong lesson about the life.

The people we have visited had left a deep impact on me. This impact will stay now and forever with me. I wouldn’t want to state the reason why because it’s more into personal. Witnessing this I must say that it depends on us how we want to turn the negative that life threw to us into something great.  In this trip, I saw the people who had successfully turned it into something great and who had failed and ended up suffering on their aged life.

I am glad that life has shown me the real superheroes to me. This had made my respect for baby boomers to grow one step further.  These are the hardcore real heroes that we have failed to appreciate.

My estate #Cheroh. Where I was born and raised.

2019-01-06 10429780692..jpg

The River that had given us so many great memories.

The broken pieces of the temple where I first learned about religion and Hinduism.

The tea shop that still operates and exited roughly for past 50 years; where I first sipped the unbeatable taste of #teatarik.

The school where I first got to learn on alphabets.

2019-01-06 101982672109..jpg

2019-01-06 109294369..jpgimg_20181231_1850132054821817.jpg

On the day, I asked this question to myself … from all the countries in the world, why I was destined to born in Malaysia? From all the state in Malaysia, why I was destined to born at this small place in between the hills?

Being born here is destined and it has shaped me to who I am today. Thank you God.

I’m glad for who I am and where I was born.

2019-01-05 07203764668..jpgc360_2018-12-31-09-09-22-1471485731221.jpg

tatta, (bubbye)


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