2018 a Review

Hi there! 2019 was born. It’s been 20 days passed. I guess it’s never too late for me to post a review of 2018. There is a lot to say about 2018. But, frankly speaking, I felt I didn’t do much for personal growth. It’s been a slow yet a busy year. I think I got diverted a bit from the original goal.

However, here is the review of 2018. I only covered the most exciting things that happened.


1|Successfully completed my third lonely road trip to #SimpangPertang, #NegeriSembilan. The place where I did my schooling when I was just 11 to 12 years old. Read more about my trip here.

2|My usual Ponggal Celebration at hometown. This is the third-year Ponggal celebration I did at hometown. I’m the kind of person that embraces the tradition. I loved to have the Ponggal in bare land.

3|Rolled (forced by the boss actually) into a one-month diet programme by the company. Apparently, dieting is not as easy as I think. It is also not all about food. This programme has broken my diet taboos. I have a better understanding of diet right now.

4| Super blue moon blood. Obviously, I do not want to miss this amazing phenomenon that only happens once in a blue moon.


1|Did a lot of casual window shopping for Chinese New Year to capture all the amazing decorations.

2| The most waited and exciting trip to #SiamReap #Cambodia. This is my first overseas trip with my best buddies. We were getting together after years. This is also my first overseas trip after a long time. There were so many memories treasured here. Frankly speaking, I don’t have enough space on the phone to store all the pictures I took.

3|Visited my childhood estate Batu Tiga ½, Chendrong. This is where my wild childhood took place. This is where I regularly get whacked by my mom for always pondering around in the rubber & oil palm plantation all alone. The rubber and oil palm trees had thought me how to be alone and how amusing it can be.


1|My brother got hitched. After years, my entire family gathered together for a great occasion. Many do not know that I have seven siblings. All of us have grown-up. It’s always hard to gather everyone in one place. For the first time in history, our sister(s) wore the same design saree for an event. Usually, I don’t like to wear the same colour coded dress because I felt it like uniforms. This occasion is an exception. Of course, the saree selection was mine. Not to forget the loudest laugh of my elder sister gave me when I tried to teach her how to give a crossed legs post. Tonnes of smiles and laughs are exchanged here.

2019-01-17 101133503576..jpg


1|Bought a new gold treasure into my collection. I wanted to show it first to my mother. When I did, she asked so confidently, “Is it fake?”, my jaw dropped.

2| Did a lot of street walking and took so many snaps. Still, no heart to delete those.

3| Bought my mom to #TelukIntan #ChitraPournami. This is also the first time visit which happened to be the last minute plan. It was just me and my mom all the way alone. The lonely drive and how my mom tries to scare me out of darkness is an epic. Read the full story here.


1|It’s May. How can I not write about it at first? It’s an election month. The election changed the faith of Malaysia. The election that made a new history in Malaysia’s politic. The election that makes the entire world to drop the jaw. The election that taught the world how powerful democratic can be. An election that reflects the voice of “PEOPLE”. This election has seen the rise and fall of a kingdom of three powerful people. The election showed us how an enemy can turn into friends and the ones who are friends into opponents.  The historical incident that proofs political is “unpredictable” & anything is “possible”. The election had brought Malaysians close to each other more than before. I VOTED. How can I not? 9th May 2018, a historical day. I’m so glad that I witnessed this historical change.

2|An exploration of a botanical garden of #KualaLumpur. Florist shops within #KlangValley and thousands snap of fresh flowers.

3|A visit to Berjaya Hills Four Faces of Buddha with my best buddy. I want her to see this place. We managed to make it on #WesakDay. How she disturbs my sleep by waking me up every hour and put the entire blame on me for not waking up early at 5 am will be remembered for forever.


1|Again, I did nothing the entire months excepts of a lot of walking and exploration. This time, my phone is flooded with art and craft supplies items. Hours and hours of walking within the art stores, capturing almost all the selling items until I have been cautioned by the salesgirl. Lol.


1| Damn its July. (So, fast?) July is a special month for me for many reasons. Yet this year, one of my long-time goals is accomplished. I bought my mom over to #Singapore. Even though she struggles a bit to walk but I’m sure she has had enjoyed the journey. Her taboos in Singapore had ended. Now, she knows how Singapore is looking like.

2|Don’t get bored with my always “first time” stories because this is the first time ever I have attended a workshop too. It’s a chocolate workshop (heart smileys on my eyes). Only because, it’s organised by my company with only RM10 (worth of RM120) per person. I made great chocolates too which I shared with a few guy friends at my apartment. My colleagues got surprised by my skill for the first time doer. I felt like I can sell chocolate cookies now. Yeah!! Support me ok!

3|This busy month is not an exception for me to explore the craft stores. As usual, it has flooded my phone storage.


1| Another special month because it’s my birthday month. Every year, I pledge people not to celebrate or buy me any gifts. Last year, I even scolded one of my friends who wanted to gift me. Poor guy. I called him this year and apologised for my not so respectful behavior of last year and collected the gift he bought me last year. I have never celebrated my birthday officially and I do not how it feels like. This has made me feel weird when people celebrating my birthday. Hopefully, I can change this feeling.

2| Attended the Maha Kumbha abhishegam of #BatuCaves Murugan temple which is commonly celebrated twelve years once. I went they an early morning. I felt so blessed to get to see the abhishegam clearly without any vision blockage. This is the day where I got to know that the Vinaayagar under the “Arasa maram” is the real original pillar that existed before any other pillar statue.

2019-01-17 10549478145..jpg


1|My artwork is being noticed by another artist and got an offer to do a wall illustration as a client. I couldn’t say how happy about this. An appreciation from another artist makes you feel you like you did accomplish something.

2|Partcipated my first-year treasure hunt organised by the company. This time we headed to my own hometown #Ipoh. We had an abundance of fun on this treasure hunt. Out of 20 groups participated, we are the only group that reflects the “#SatuMalaysia” concept with Malay, Chinese and Indian participants. We almost make it to third place but lost it with a draw. This is the third time I have participated in a treasure hunt. I just love the treasure hunt.

3| I bought a brand new laptop. I was aiming for something else but ended up with HP Pavilion (touch screen) which seems to be fit perfectly for my budget. No regret. It’s wonderful.


1| What an exciting month it was. I almost forgot how to breathe at times. This is when I have completed my three months of #leadapreneur project. I and teammate (Wendy) presented the final project to compete with another 11 teams. The three months’ journey is total havoc, chaotic and stressful. We have been pushed to the maximum capacity to think, to make decisions and to act fast because being a leaderpreneur you need to be fast and smart. I got a lot of compliments on my final presentation. Glad, that I have created the “Wow” reaction to many including the trainer and higher management. The one who has commented that we will not make it had a jaw dropped. On this special project, I saw how encouraging and supportive the colleagues are. Together, we have graduated to become a first-level certified leadepreneur. A lot of laughs, fun, pain, stress, and lessons are treasured here.

2| I grabbed the opportunity available to me to promote my artwork among my working colleagues. To my surprise, many are impressed and asking me to sell my artwork. I got a lot of compliment and some are really wow-ed. This opportunity has inspired me to do more.

3|Halloween party. Please!  let me say it again. This is also my first Halloween party that I have participated in and celebrated. I usually don’t get so impressed with #Halloween because it is so ugly and scary at times. But, I truly enjoyed this last-minute party. We had Karaoke jamming session too. The decoration is mind-blowing with some amazing creativity from the working colleagues. Nevertheless, we have rocked the party.

4| Attended the #AgniKl2018 concert. The only reason I’m here is for #McSai & #SriSidram. It was a rocking concert. We had a lot of fun. I’m forever a fan of #HipPop & #Rock music fan.


1| well, this is a Deepavali month. I only got to go home a day before the Deepavali. It’s been my yearly routine to clean the entire house all alone. As usual, my deepavali eve always ended up in doing Indian cookies called “muruku”. This time surely I raised my eyebrows and shake my head looking at the amount of flour my mom had prepared. Why she has to salvage me every year? Thanks to niece & nephew for rescuing me; I survived. It’s only up to 2 am.

2|After seven years, we had our second school reunion which is fully organised by my high school boys. ( What a nice guys. They have willingly accepted the expenses even after I offered help) Such once in a while gathering sets a great platform for us to meet each other. I only got to see some of them for the first time after a decade. We never meet after leaving high school. Thanks to #WhatsApp for filling the gap we had in between.

3| A sudden plan that turned into a very simple yet amazing road trip with my best buddies. All the way from Kuala Lumpur – Johor – Melaka – Seremban – Kuala Lumpur in just a day. I left my house around 5 am and came back around 11 pm on the same day. It feels like we did so many things in between. A packed day. I wish every day can be like this so that I can feel the same amount of accomplishment I felt today. We have made a promised to our friendship that we will do things like this once a year to nurture our relationship.



1|The Candy Party. This feels like Alice in the wonderland. We are surrounded by tonnes of balloons and colourful candies. The candies wrapped with shiny glossy plastics are a dream. I had an instant love and bought with me so many candies.

2|Secret Santa. We had a lot of fun opening our prizes in front of everyone. The reactions of everyone is so epic. I have to make sure that I capture and treasure these memories. I got tonnes of Mr DIY stickers. One of my favorite and addiction.

3|Ended the year with Christmas visit to #KLCC and my yearly road trip routine. This year I headed to my birthplace #Raub, #Pahang. This place is always the closest to my heart. This is where I have been bought into this world. Many thought I’m a #Perakian. The truth is that I was born at #Raub. I was raised in an estate called #Cheroh located in the middle of Pahang’s hills nurtured by Pahang River the longest river at west #Malaysia.

Overall, there is a lot of “first time” this year. Glad, I have worked it out many things this year.

I’m looking forward to a great 2019. This year I wanted to focus more on business and future planning.

I wish all my readers a great year ahead. #Happy2019

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