[#BeautyTips] How to have a Refreshing Skin

You don’t need to spend so much of money to own a refreshing skin. All you need to have is a commitment and a little bit of discipline to practice these simple steps to have glowing skin.

This is an inexpensive and natural way of having baby pampered skin. I have been practicing this for the past few months and the result is flawless.

The key to the formula is #RoseWater. It’s simple and effective.

pancha rs water

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I hardly recommend anything. When I do that means I have tested and trusted the result. This worked for me. I see the result. Therefore, I thought to share it here.

It might be less effective to some depending on the skin type. Since it worked well for me, I don’t mind of sharing it.

I purchased this bottle of pure rose water from an Indian grocery shop called “Pancha Pure Rosewater”. You can find this from #Haniffa or #Mydin or any other Indian store. 150ML will only cost you RM1. Alternatively, you can purchase any other brand that available in any stores or online.

Then I bought a small sprinkle bottle for easy use.

 How to Use

1| Pour the rose water into the sprinkle bottle.

2| Spray it in your naked face on early morning and night after the shower.

3| Let it dry naturally. This is to maximise the absorption into the skin. It takes roughly 5/7 minutes to dry.

4| Then, you can continue with your normal makeup routine.

5| Practise this consistently and feel the differences.

6| You can also sprinkle the water before going to bed to relaxed the muscles to induce sleeping mood.

Should you have tested it, please do share your experience with me. I’ll be more than happy to know it.

Btw, have you tried my turmeric beauty tips? If yes, please do share your comment.

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