[Not a #Foodie] #Malaysian & their #TeaTarik

I’m not a foodie. That’s for sure, and I don’t know many restaurants. That’s because I prefer to dine at stalls or mamak shops instead of cafes and restaurants. I think stalls and mamak shops are a true reflections of Malaysian’s identity. Malaysians are known for stalls and the famous “Tea Tarik” (Pulled Tea/ Hi-Tea) before westerns #Cafes and #Caffeine are kicked into the picture. Yet, you can never separate #Malaysians and their #TeaTarik

2019-01-27 121407953835..jpg

Fifteen minutes of casual sitting at a stall is enough for you to overhear all kind of stories from personal-family-friends-work-politics-pet-jealously and the list goes on.
Being a true Malaysian, I do not wish to lose sight of this unique environment. I keep it as a trend to go to stalls as my routine. It keeps me grounded. Making me feel as Malaysian.

These are the few reasons why stalls are my favorite spot:

1| The Tea Tarik is better than a high-class restaurant.
2| You can witness the real life of middle-class people.
3| They don’t waste food. They recycle everything (silent laugh)
4| The street-rain-light-tableware-alley, everything tells you a story.
5| You can overhear gossips for free.
6| You can observe the struggles and survival of people.

Are you a frequent visitor of stalls or mamak shop? Do you have an unstoppable addiction to tea Tarik? Share your stories with me.

tatta, (bubbye)


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