Believe in Karma; it’s Real and Fast.

It’s eleven passed half. My boss is buzzing me for lunch. She is restless to get out of the office. Ok fine. I quickly wrapped whatever I was doing and grabbed the wallet and walked away with her.

We were having mix rice at nearby Chinese mix rice shop. Generally, I’ll do the listening and she’ll do the talking because she loves to talk. Usually, the one-hour conversation will be about office chaos, gossips, her opinion over something or on her travel experiences.

This time, she was telling a story that somehow makes me happy. And, I thought, yeah, it’s Karma. Yes. I’m a strong believer in karma. It could be because I have this strong Buddhism in me.

Ok, the story starts like this…

Two weeks ago, I was devastated with an attitude of my working colleague. I wonder how much of ill intention a person can carry in them while hiding behind the bright smile on their face. I have heard the hell side of this working world before but facing it for the real-time in life is really challenging me.

This world is completely new to me. It left me speechless when I saw how badly a person can behave to another. I bet I have yet to see the real hell world. Guess what, the tip of this iceberg is sufficient to induce the deep pain in me.

As much as I wanted to believe in humanity, things like this have left me with many questions. With all those pain, I kept quite seeking justice deep inside my heart.

Least I know that the justice will be served in weeks, two weeks to be exact.

Today, I got to know the two people who had caused me the pain are going through personal challenges in their life.

When I heard it, I smiled deep inside my heart, not because I’m happy with what I’m hearing. But, because justice is served in a timely manner.

I’m honestly feeling empathy for what they are going through but I’m glad that karma is exited.

Believe in Karma; it’s real and it’s fast.

P.S. <This is a post-dated post that I wrote in April 2018 that only make it today>

tatta, (bubbye)


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