The Past and the Future

This thought is a Facebook-inspired post where a guy (Mr A) who seeks revenge on a girl (Ms B) for leaving his best friend after in a relationship with him for years.

Basically, Mr A is not happy with Ms B as she had left his best friend for another man because she thinks that she can live a better life with her new man.
Mr A is fine with it. But what he is not so happy is that his best friend had spent seven years of his life supporting Ms B to boost her career in the entertainment industry.

Mr A thinks that Ms B had wasted his best friends life. Not a year but seven years.

My dear friend, let me tell you something . . .

It is not about the time, money, efforts and life that one spent for someone that matters. If the person does not belong to someone, he/she simply doesn’t belongs there. It’s that SIMPLE.

I have read an article where people on their on their 70’s or even 90’s are getting divorced. Common people like you and me will think whether it’s truly necessary to get divorced at this age? What it’s gonna do anyway?

But trust me. It is indeed necessary regardless of the age.

It is not about the past or years they have spent together. It is not about the unpredictable few years they gonna life. But, it’s about getting the confirmation of the “END”.

It is absolutely necessary to feel the sense of the freedom that it had ended. It is absolutely necessary to let go of the pain that you have held for so long.
You cant be sticking to someone or something just because you have been together for quite sometimes. You can’t be holding onto something that you are no longer has an interest.

The years one had spent together are not gone wasted. I’m assured that they would have found 101 ways why it isn’t working.

My point is at least you know that you have tried your best on those years. You would have explored your personality finding out your weakness and strength. Probably, by now you have known areas that you can and can’t tolerate in the relationship.

So, let’s not count the years you have spent on someone. But count the lessons you have learned on those years. You have given years of opportunities to explore who you are. Those years surely would have taught you valuable lessons. Take a deep breath and think about it.

If someone didn’t click well together, they are simply didn’t belong together. You may do not know why but eventually you’ll find out one day.

I have read a real cruel story (a self-written biography “A stolen life”) where a father house arrested, tortured and raped his own biological daughter for 19 years. Together they have two babies raised in the hidden underground for years beneath their own house. Imagine the pain Inflicted here.
When the daughter is finally managed to escape from this cruelty, she has started a new life at the age of 30+. she embraced her children with full of love. Why am I telling this? Because the future is far more important than the past.

Always. . . always learn to look forward. What makes you who you are now is what you were back then.

Learn to embrace your pasts.

tatta, (bubbye)


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