The BEST #ChineseNewYear Ads 2019

It’s Tuesday already. Some of you still in the Chinese New Year mode and have no heart to return to town. Some are still having a lion dance in their company to welcome the fortune. Well, it’s gonna over soon.

Even once it’s over, this thing will twig in your memories forever. That thing is the festive ads.


Festive ads are the one thing that I always look forward every year. These are the memories you will bring along when you get older. Remember the Petronas Deepavali ads that you treasured even today! I bet you are.

Before I let you know my favorite Chinese New Year of this year, let me tell what I dislike about it.

I strongly believe that an ad should be purely used as a medium to thank their customers instead of another medium to boost sales. Of course, you can promote your brand. What I’m talking about is the core content of the ad. I hate seeing a brand building a content that focusing on their brand/service to encourage people to take action instead of thanking or upholding the culture/tradition of the festivals.

I believe it is unethical of way doing business. They were focusing too much into their business and neglecting to thank their customers. When you can’t wish or thank them on their own celebration when you can do that.

Anyway, let’s back to the topic. These are the few of my favorite Chinese New Year ads for this year.

  • by PETRONAS  by the way, Petronas always stays on the TOP when comes to festive ads
  • by TESCO 
  • by CIMB 
  • by CALTEX 
  • by TNB 
  • by SETIA 
  • by DIGI 
  • I reserve the best last By MAYBANK Even though, I don’t like Maybank that much for taking advantage by dominating the bank industry but they have delivered a great message on this ad.

tatta, (bubbye)


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