Happy V-day

Everyone is so in the mood for the V-day now. Instead of looking out for the love; why don’t you explore within yourself to find out what you loved to do the most.

It could be the weirdest or the simplest thing. But, as long as it brings joy to yourself; keep doing it. If you don’t take time to explore yourself; who else will?

Things that found joy in doing so is:

1| Checking out residential areas
I don’t know why I’m finding joy in doing this. It kind of weird. Yes. I know. But, I just love checking out people’s creativity on how they are utilizing the spaces mostly on landed properties. Some might have very limited space but the way they are making survival out of it can blow your mind.

2| Love to learn new things
Learning could be the only thing that keeps me going. It energises me. I have so many things on my list that I wanted to learn. If can I wanted to explore and get lost permanently.

3| Checking out streets and alleys
Well, streets or alleys can be scary to some. But, trust me, this is where I find inspirations. This is where I learned how hard people are working each day to make a living. The incidents I witnessed makes me realise how layback I am in perusing my dream. Whatever I’m doing right now is nothing comparing to them. Alleys had taught me life lessons that I will flourish in my life.

4| Exploring abandoned places
It teaches you lessons mostly. When you are abandoned; you’ll be left alone with nature. When you under the caring of nature; you’ll see survival at every corner.

5| Exploring corner temples
Wonder why I said corner temple? Because you can always see small temples built at the corner of the alleys in Malaysia. The need for protection. We build temple everywhere, allies, schools, streets, parking lots, traffic lights, junctions, hospitals, forest and even at bus stops. * smiling smiley

6| Living a nomad life
The truth is I don’t know how to react to a change. But, that is in the past. Now, I want a change in everything that I do. Staying at one place making me feeling stagnant. I wanted to leave everything I have now and adapt to a nomad life. No commitment, loosen, freedom and totally living a nomad life.

tatta, (bubbye)


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