What a Shame! of #Friendship

It’s been a while; how you guys are doing?

OK, this has been my long due post. I was always thinking to write about this but only manage to put this into words today.

I think it’s common for everyone to have huge respect for friendship. So do I. I value friendship regardless of gender.

In fact, I choose to befriend with boys instead of girls. I found that I go easy with boys instead of the opposite gender. Favoring is not my type. I treat everyone equally.


But that doesn’t mean that someone specifically a man can take advantage of me. I know I’m dumb at times but hell, I’m sure, not stupid.

I knew exactly when someone is taking advantage of me. I just don’t say that out because I wanted to see whether the involved friend value the friendship as I do.

Dear man! Let me tell you something. If a girl befriended you, that means she has trusted you.  Hence, don’t you dare to show your manly culprit attitude on her.

I have a male friend who confessed that he does take advantage of a girl when there is an opportunity. He had admitted that he is not as good as I think. What a shame on you!

Always draw a line with a girl in your friendship. Learn to respect friendship and gain your trust.

Oh, please stop acting like an innocence when you do have the utmost culprit thought in your mind.

I warn you! No… I bet you. I’ll ditch you!

tatta, (bubbye)


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