I have huge and huge respect for other religions living in Malaysia. The reason is that I’m living in a multicultural society here and not because I passed “Pendidikan moral” in high school.

I will never make a religious comment on a person’s stupidity. What stupidity has to do with religion anyway.

Respect is something that has to be processed within. You don’t need a degree to respect other people. It has to be in your gene or at least to be thought by your parents.

Since I have huge respect for other religions; I demand the same from them. When they failed to give one, I don’t blame them. Probably, their parents had failed to teach them.

When you can make a racial comment on open air and thinking it is ok to do so, I conclude you like trash.

And, I don’t entertain trash. I treasure my time.   -DOT-

tatta, (bubbye)


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