The Secret of #Beauty & #StayingPretty

People are frequently asking the secret of my beauty. I told them there is none. To tell the truth, I don’t even care to take care of it. When I told them this, they gave me high eyebrows.

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Usually, they think that I might be practicing something or spending money to stay pretty.

I strongly believe beauty doesn’t come from expensive products or make-ups. It’s a true reflection of your inner soul. You just have to make sure you eat right and think right. Get rid of those negative things in your life.

I love to stay genuine to myself. I hate faking things. Everything me is who I am. I don’t hide my flaws; I embrace them. I refused to fix my teeth alignment even though many are asking me to do so. I’m was born with it. There must be a reason for it.

I don’t do all those beauty routine that usually women do to stay pretty. I don’t do eyebrows, wax legs, bleach face or even use fairness cream.

I don’t wear heavy make-up that can turn myself into a different person than I am. I believe pretty is being who you are. Turning into someone else by hiding all your flaws and call yourself beauty just doesn’t make sense. Pretty is being you.

I am against make-up artists or those who loves make-up. I believe everyone has a different opinion and mine is totally different. Make-up is good as long as you stay within limits and still being who you are. I want to look like who I am when I got married. I do not want to turn into someone else for the sake of looking good.

I want to be genuine to myself rather than being fake for the society. It is much easier that way.

So, to those asking the secret of my beauty. Stay genuine, stay truthful to yourself, think positive, eat right and stay as who you are.

Do you agree?

tatta, (bubbye)


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