[#MoneyGoal] Money, People, and their Perception

image-20190414_2020501595879292.jpgPeople say, work hard and save money and spend wisely. You listen to them. You work hard. You save money. You strategise your spending.

You are very concise in making your decisions. You preplan where your money is going. You do not want to spend unnecessarily. You make the decision about what is necessary and unnecessary based on your needs.
When you want to earn more, you grab all the opportunities that come on your way to make that extra money.

It’s all about your goal, your efforts, your money, and your decisions. Wait, people have an opinion about you. They are not proud of you. The same people who have advised you to save money is expecting that you would have acted differently.

Now that you have money they expect you to spend it. If you are too selective in spending, they call you stingy.
If you opt out from lunch, you are stingy.
If you are selective in your food, you are stingy.
If you opt out from shopping, you are stingy.
If you are avoiding the cinema, you are stingy.
If you are calculative, you are stingy.
If you don’t borrow money, you are stingy.
If you ask an explanation for borrowing money, you are stingy.
Best yet,
If you work hard by taking that extra job, you are stingy too.

Basically, if you have money and not spending it or making an effort to earn more, you will be named as a stingy.

When you have money, you are supposed to spend it. Not spending is not a wise decision.

The society has an opinion on everything. So. let’s not bother them.
It’s your decision to skip the cinema and use that time to make some extra income.
The decision is purely yours. No one has the right to comment on it.

Yeah, people!. Stop commenting on someone’s decision. You are not responsible for their rice bowl. What he/she does with their money is none of your business.

tatta, (bubbye)


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