Money & My Choices

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People say, work hard and save money and spend wisely. You trust them. You listen to them. You work hard. You think twice where to spend your money.

You made that decision to spend your hard-core money only on your basic needs. Then you carefully monitor where your money is going.

You are ascertained not to spend a single penny on the things that you feel unnecessary.

Wait, you don’t stop there.

You work a hard little hard than usual. You use the extra time to make more money. You’ll grab all the available opportunities and turn it into a golden goose.

Now comes the interesting part.

Don’t expect people around you to be proud of you. The same people who have advised you to work hard and save money will now accuse you. Momentarily, you have more than enough money. So, it’s not worth saving anymore. So, they will expect you to act differently.

“Here are my other posts on money and work “

They want you to spend.

Spend on the things that they think it’s worth spending like food, clothes, entertainment, vacation, gift, and the list goes on.

If you choose to opt out for lunch.  They will presume you are stingy.

If you still continue to use that extra time to make money they will conclude you are greedy.

If you avoid vacation, they will blame you that you do not know how to enjoy life.

One thing is sure, people have an opinion about everything and they will continue to have it.

If you work hard and save money, then you have all the right to make your own decision about your life.  Whether you go on diet, opt out vacation, go on minimal living, avoid spending at all cause or simply take up more jobs to double the saving it’s purely your choices.  No one has the right to be judgemental about it.

So, people! stop commenting on someone’s choices. You do not contribute to their rice bowl.

What they do with their money is NONE of your business.

 tatta, (bubbye)


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