[#BeautyTips] How to Clean Your Face Skin at Best

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Since I’m a very traditional person when comes to a beauty routine, I have been using coconut oil to clean my face for years now. It works for me. I have normal skin. It tends to dry from time to time because of constant exposure to dust or extended air condition. If you have oily or sensitive skin this probably won’t be the best recommendation for you.

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This is very suitable for an Indian lady or anyone that use eyeliner on a daily basis. If you failed to clean it properly, you will see some smut accumulated under your eyelid that gives puff look. Try this, I’m sure it will work the best for you.
The steps are so simple that it will only take 10 mins of your time. Ok, let me jump straight to the steps here.

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Step 1
This works best on the clean or unclean face. You don’t necessarily have to clean your skin before putting it. Take a small amount of coconut oil or few drops into your palm. Damp your finger and apply the oil into your bare skin. You can use a makeup brush if you want to.

You can apply it into your whole face and neck. Good news is it doesn’t have a specific requirement like a mask that best not to apply under-eye area or around the lips. If it got into your eyes, don’t worry. It will moisturise your eyes anyway. So, don’t worry.

Step 2
Leave the oil into your face for 5 minutes. It will absorb into the skin. Then, it will get the dirt out of your pores.
At this stage, some will experience skin irritation. It’s a sign that the dirt is out and reacting to the oil. There is nothing to fear about this. This is normal.

Step 3
Take a clean facial puff and gently wipe off the oil upwards. Be extra gentle at eye areas. Remember, do not rush into wipe off or press hard with an intention to get rid off the oil at one swipe. Press gently and repeat the steps twice or more if needed. Your objective is just to remove the excessive oil from the skin. I’ll recommend the following sequences.
Notice the dirt or makeup stain in your puff. Flip the puff if needed.


Refer to the below visual

Credit: mimizel.wordpress.com

Step 4
Then, leave the oil in your skin for another 5 minutes. This will act as a skin moisturiser for you.

Step 5
Wash your skin with your favorite facial wash. You may want to wash it twice if needed. Then, pamper your skin with a soft facial tower. At this stage, you feel your skin is soft, bright and clean.

Repeat the steps twice a week or whenever is needed. Enjoy the satisfaction of clean skin.
Leave your comment if you have tried this. I’ll be more than happy to receive your feedback.

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