Kindness is Formless (aloe vera story)


Oh Yeah! Missing alert!!! Am I missing for four or five months? Believe me, I want to get better at procrastination. Maybe one day, when I had successfully get rid of it then I’ll talk about it.

Even before I start about talking about my come back. I wish you’ll #MerryChristmas and #HappyNewYear guys! I hope this Christmas will be a memorable one for all of you.
Just in case, if you’re wondering what makes to come back now, it’s all about my love for the aloe vera.

Although I was down with a fever, flu, and continuous coughing for the past few weeks I chose to visit old town PJ to buy some Christmas stuff. On my way back, I have decided to make a U-turn to check out the pawnshop that eventually leads me to take this residential road.

2019-10-13 091648735390..jpg
While I was driving, I saw an uncle with a big brown hat clearing up an aloe vera plant. He is almost done with the cleaning. In fact, he is merely packing the unwanted aloe vera plants into big plastics. The minutes I saw the aloe vera, I pulled over. I immediately parked the car on the side of the road. I’m so overconfident that I’m gonna bring aloe vera to home today. I was so confident that he is not gonna resist my request to take home one.

I was right. He couldn’t resist. In fact, he gave over all those plants. I told it was too much for me. He told me that I’m young and I should protect my skin. He suggested me to get the gels out and put them into a jar for daily use. Well, he has a point. I took all those two big plastic bags of aloe vera, the big, the small, the ruined, the young, the dried almost everything, everything.

The deal didn’t end there. I decided to have a casual talk with him. His name is En Yussof. He is a former banker who worked at Bangsar. He is from Alor Setar (the north state of Malaysia). I told him that I have mistaken him as a Chinese uncle for the big brown traditional round hat that he is wearing. He laughed.

He is seeming to be very kind. He told me that he got dengue a few weeks ago which caused him to be hospitalised for 10 days. He is fine now. His house is marked with a red sticker. So, he said that he is obligated to clean his yard. While cleaning up he has decided to clean this messy wildly-grown aloe vera too.

He also showed me around his plants and trees. He has planted fruit trees outside his gate so that the passers-by especially the school kids (there is a school & mosque with 200m) can have them. He said it is not all about money but to give back to humankind whenever we can. He even asked me to drop by here and then to grab the aloe vera or the fruits if there is any.

He is even helped me to pluck his home-grown guava from one of his trees. It tasted so perfect. It tasted extra sweet that comes properly from his kind-hearted intention.
He is right. it is not all about money. It is about the kindness that you can offer to someone regardless of how big is the act.

I urge all of you to act small to give back to the community. It is not necessarily had to be monetary kindness. a small act like donating unused cloth, offer your seat to the needy, hold the elevator, help the elderly to cross the road, picking up the rubbish and throw into a rubbish bin, offering direction for those who lost without being asked can make the world we are living so beautiful.

Wishing great new year #2020!

tatta, (bubbye)


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