How to Make Your New Year 2020 an Amazing Year


Three 3 more days to go for us to leave the nineteen forever. It’s time to make a resolution some say. Some got bored to even to make a resolution as they said that they did every year and nothing has changed. Whether you achieve it or not is a second thing. But it always a good thing to resolution as it gives you the vibe. The vibe is not available all the time, when it around, it’s always a good idea to grab it.

If you too bored to make a resolution, at least look-back and clutter necessary act I have taken. Cluttering can be therapeutic. It can give you the motivation to move forward.

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Here I’m listing 10 things to do to make better 2020:

1|Clear Your Gallery Photos/Video

You may be someone that mindless in taking pictures. Probably you would have multiple shots of the same snaps or helped to snap your friend. At times, we were too excited about the event and ignored the shaken snaps. Then, time passed that you have completely forgotten it. So, this is the time you look back at your phone gallery and delete all those shaken, unwanted, multiple snaps. Once done, you can achieve it by year. I usually achieve my photos once a year. Besides, what a great way to look back on your life.

2|Unsubcribe Unwanted Subscriptions

As everyone knows, email subscription got back its trend in 2019. Many offered free downloads, reading material or tips and trick via subscription. And then, you got tans of discount offers flooding your email box. Now it’s time to identify the spammer and unsubscribe them. Don’t miss the one that no longer creating a spark or giving you any useful knowledge.

3|Uninstall Unused Apps

Some of us are too excited about new apps. We install everything and anything that reference to our favourite app and install all of it for trial purpose. It time for you to recheck the unused, rarely used or worse never even tested app that taking your precious space. Recheck those apps that consuming the higher MB and rethink the necessary.

4|Donate/Sell Products that No Longer Excites You

With #GrabPay, #Ewallet, #MAE, #Shopee #BlackFriday, #1111sale #1212sale #RM1sale #freedelivery and so many other easy payment options or sales offered, it easy for us to fall into trap ended up purchasing tons of unwanted things. If you want unwanted or no longer using makeup sets, brushes, clothes, home decors, gadgets, furniture or so on, please be kind to donate or sell at e-commerce website or to second-hand shops. Who thought that new clutter can bring in money to your pocket.

5|Clean Your Following/Friends List

We attended countless events or workshops within 12 months. Out of great intention, you would have followed/likes or be friends with someone that you just met. However, it could have ended with some casual chat and you no longer communicate with them. In the worst-case scenario, you no longer remember them. Even worse, your relation with them might have taken some uneasy route. This is the right time for you to check all your social platforms and clear the friend or pages. Clutter and start fresh.

6|Organise Your Bank Balance

If you have multiple bank accounts and the money is everywhere, be aware of your bank balances. Delegate one bank for a few objectives/goals. Keep your personal, sharing and children money separately. Don’t forget to dedicate one for your investment purpose. Who knows this act can boost your money-making skills?

Learn how to save more money. A guide on how I save RM10K

7|File Your Documents

It’s year-end. You may need to look into your tax claims and files. Get that receipt in one place. Recheck whether you have utilised the tax relief well. Track your children and spouse medical expenses. Keep that medical cards in one place. If your house is located in the flood area, file all important documents safely. Track your major expenses in apps or books to be mindful of where your money goes to.

8|Clear Your Saving Box

If you are like me having multiple saving box and putting coins and dollars everywhere, it’s time to collect all that back and deposit into an account. Time to break that saving boxes to give kudos to yourself. Get the excitement of breaking and counting the saving boxes to your kids. It can a motivation for them to cultivate the saving skill.

What we do with our money is our choice. Don’t you think?

9|Rearrange Your Furniture

While you being busy the whole year left no time to organise your house or room. Don’t you think this is a perfect time to rearrange your furniture to boost energy? It’s ok if you don’t believe in #FungShui. Reorganising your furniture or modifying them can boost up your energy. Never trust, why don’t you try it?

10| Clear Your Mind

Lastly, it’s not all about the physical things that you can do. Concentrate on your unguarded mind. Get rid of all those guilty concise, dwelling sorrows. Anything and everything that happens is for good and there is nothing you can do to change it now. You don’t necessarily have to fill it with new thoughts. Just get rid of anything that bothering you and keep a clear calm mind is more than enough.

Let this and let me know how you feel it in the comment. If you have any other amazing that fit into this category, please do let me know. I would love to know your ideas.

tatta, (bubbye)


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