Reflect Your Decade & Define Your Success

OK! I know I’m posting a lot that linked to 2019. To be frank, I’m so fascinated by this new year 2020.


Its been a dream year for me since my teenage years. Somehow it has created a huge impact on me. As much as I got excited to be in 2020, I refused to let go of this ninth. Nevertheless, It’s a great time to review your life and how far you have come from.

Count Your Experience; Embrace the Past

Find a quiet place anywhere you’re comfortable with. Make sure you are uninterrupted for one hour. Take time to reflect on your past decades. Remember where were you back ten years ago. What you were doing? how happy you are then? What was your focus then? What are the struggles you went going through? Recall everything in sequence with specific details like name, place, road, gift, amount, incident, people in descending order.

While you are moving from a year to another reflect your pain and gain. What you have learned and how you have grown as a person. While you have reached the current year 2019, I assure that you’ll be glad how well you have grown to the person you are today.

Things that you taught were killing you back then can be a  complete joke today. You remember exactly how you got over them. If it is mean to happen again you know how exactly to handle it. By this time, you’ll be so proud of yourself.

Now, define your success. Do you think you have achieved your dream? Do you consider yourself as a successor or a failure? Yes, it could be a tricky question.

The reason is that success and failure cant be defined by the judgment set by society or others. Only you can define your success. What makes you define yourself as a successor. What did you want in life?

To have a happy family?

To have a dream career?

To have a bank balance of six digits?

To be popular?

To own the dream car?

To have kids?

To be a traveler?

To gain freedom?

To quit a job?

To win an award?

To make the dream of your parents come true?

To move to another country?

To pursue your passion?

To overcome your depression?

To change your personality?

To own a business?

It can be anything that you want to achieve in your life as an ultimate goal.

If your dream is to have six digits bank balance and you have achieved it or on the right route to achieve it, you’re already a successor.

If your vision is to get out of depression and live a happy life and you’re living the one right now, then you’re a successor.

If your purpose is to move to another country and you just did it, then you’re a successor.

If you’re happy with who you are now then you’re definitely a successor.

Never ever, ever let anyone describe your success especially the society. The only person who owns the full right to determine your success is YOU and only YOU.

Do not get obligated by the success of other people. If one becomes a doctor not everyone wants to be a doctor. It is always what you want in your life.

If you haven’t achieved it but on the right path, I wish you all the best for your better future.

#HappyNewYear2020!!! My readers.

tatta, (bubbye)


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