[#tamakaTravelLogue] 2019 a Review [Part 1]

In a blink of an eye, 2019 is over before you even think about it. So, what’s next? It’s time to wrap it out. Guess, it’s never too late for me to post the wrap-up now.

P.s. The post-draft is written and stuck into my blog for the past two months. Finally, make the move to post it now. 


1|Annual Road Trip

This is officially my 4th road trip. This time I went to Raub, Pahang. This is my born place. A Little change this year. I usually traveled alone but this time I bought my elder sister together. She is much familiar with the place compared to me. Her full primary school life surrounds these places. She seems to be excited to visit all her memorable places compared to me. Its been an awesome feeling for me to witness her excitement and happiness. She has nearly become the primary school kid again. She claims it is her ultimate dream to visit all these memorable places. She couldn’t stop thanking me.

If you are interested in reading my past year’s review you can here. I’m sure you will be excited as well. 

2|Buying a house

Out of sudden the tendency to own a house kicked in. Aggressively attending property talks and searching for a house. Daily research was ongoing for weeks. Visited view sales gallery. My knowledge of property business boomed. I treasure all the knowledge. I like some projects and dislike some. I found that some of the property prices that unreasonably overpriced with unnecessary facilities.  The gimmick to persuade the buyers are well placed. The p]ush to get the potential buyers to place a deposit to secure the unit is well planned. I ended up frustrated with the market and the marketing tricks. My journey to pursue continues…

3|Visited SS15 Subang Jaya

I visited this place after decades. This is where my career begins. How I secured the job still remains deep in my heart. The place has gone through some tremendous change. I wonder, why it took me so long to revisit the place.

4|Chinesse New Year Decor

Of course, my annual visits to explore festival decorations continues. The major shopping complexes in the city like Pavilion, Midvalley and the garden never failed to impress me. This year I took a little bit of effort to visit other places as well. My phone gallery exploded with all the creativity captured stored safely.


1|A visit to Buddhist Temple

I love Buddhist as much as temples. So, this year I took the initiative to visit Buddhists around the city. Its been a peaceful place ever.


1|Annual Dinner

This year it conducted at Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur. I would say a well-spent night. How we come together as a team and shared genuine happiness together is a magical moment. Some of the magical moments I missed so much on the corporate world.

2|Art Shops

An exploded exploration of art shops around the city. Ask me where to buy paint, pens, ribbons, beads, canvas and etc, etc. I can tell you exactly where to get it. Almost all my weekends are well spent in these magical places. You’ll be surprised if I reveal all my stickers collection. To those who are asking how I maintained my weight, now you know the answer. YOu walk until you feel there are no legs.


1|More Explorations

As usual, more temple visits, art shops. Nothing more than this can bring peach to me.

2| Leaderpreneur Programme

I got an opportunity to explore the creative side of me. Managed to made 150 handmade welcome cards for the participants. I never thought that I’m able to complete all those cards by myself. Received many compliments on the cards. Some are even choosy in their selections.

3| Calligraphy Class

 This year I made some personal resolution to more creative skills. Out of that initiative, I signed up for the #Skillshare two-month free class. Signed up RM220 Calligraphy Workshop. It seems like Calligraphic is not as easy as you think. You need years of practice to master it. I tried but the result is not that satisfying. This is just a modern Calligraphy, not even traditional Calligraphy. No wonder why the service is damn expensive.


1|Met Up with  an Accidental Friends

My France friends visited Malaysia for the second time after years. The wife texted me for a meet-up. Of course, I said yes. I immediately called up another my local friend that I neglected for years.  This time, I picked the France Family and bought them to banana leaves for a full meal with a lot of talking and laughter. The little girl that I saw is now a grown-up teenager going through a teenage crisis. She seems to be so happy to meet me and sharing all her concerns.  We have instantly become sisters. I bought her some Indian jewels that shine well on her. Btw, my local friend got married and about to be a father within all those years that I neglected him. I’m so happy for him now.

2|Met Up with my school colleagues, niece, art friend

It seems to be a meet-up month. I was constantly moving here and there meeting friends. Making the last minutes plan as a reality. Flew to JB to catch up with old-time friends.  And then, I flew back to KL to bring my niece around. Within slight gaps of days, I visited an art friend’s solo exhibition.  Ended the month, with dinner gathering with corporate colleagues. It was fun to get tired out of a busy schedule.


1|Met Up with  an Art Friend

This time a Japan friend who stays in Thailand visited Malaysia to renew her Visa. We meet up at Brickfields for a quick chat. We planned to spend some time drawing together. Unfortunately, the plan didn’t take off due to time constrain.

2|Art Exhibition

Participated in the art exhibition titled Woman at One Utama the ledge gallery. For the 1st time, I was brand enough to display my half nude arts to the public. The message is very strong. I want the public to view the woman’s body as art that brings on different meanings rather than sexualism. I have successfully conveyed the message to my viewers. I garnered more positive feedback and gain more fans.

Thanks for reading till the end. Wait for my next half very soon.

tatta, (bubbye)


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