Shattered & Heart Broken #Irrfan at 53

What else 2020 want to bring in?


News like this is so unbearable. Out of sudden the news just popped up your screen and breaks you apart. May the soul of an extraordinary legend rest in peace finding solace wherever he is now. Rest in peace, Mr Irrfan Sir. A man that only wants to be identified by his name and not by religion as he removed khan from his name.

Just now, this noon, I was admiring the clear beautiful yet strange clouds wondering why it’s so beautiful today. Least I know it will follow through by heart-breaking news.

News like this once again splashed the reality right front of your eyes proofing how fragile life can be. It is extremely scary to even think about it. I have no way to imagine how deep fragility is.

Whenever I come across such saddening news, I will always check out the last post of the person on their social media sites to experience the reality of the fragility of life. Irrfan handled his last twitter post on 12 April 2020 which is 17 days ago. His mom passed away just a few days ago. He was admitted to Mumbai hospital yesterday due to his poor health condition contributed by rare cancer which he has been fighting for a few years now. He has had publicly announced it in 2018.

It hard and really hard to believe that he is no more. I was just browsing all his movies a few days ago nicely saved into my Netflix list to watch it later. It became tough for me to believe there will be no more new movies from him. I just couldn’t digest the fact you will never get to watch his undisputable acting anymore.  It’s no more. It’s no more, no more. OMG.

It’s scary, frighten, sadden, and terrifying. More than that it feels personal. No one knows that this is coming but it had come in the middle of the world pandemic. It extremely painful that we can’t even get to say a proper goodbye and why is that?

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The world nations in grief. You will be remembered. You will be remembered for who you are and what you have given. You are destined to be a LEGEND and you will be remembered as ONE. Bye, My friend.

From a FAN.

tatta, (bubbye)


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