image_44386e6b-7e8f-49ed-a9e5-effc7deebc0e.87eecb80-b9fa-4000-8e44-3d11086ce45bAfter 47 days of being locked inside a house, the Malaysian Government will open the economy tomorrow. Most industries and economic activities are allowed to open the business with strict SOPs to adhere and some restrictions are eased. Should they failed to abide SOPs, the states, companies, businesses, or individuals can fall back to MCO.

As of 02 May 2020, the numbers are still manageable despite new cases are increasing. Aside, Malaysian are ready to step out even though the fear of the unknown has conquered them.

There is a prediction that opening of the economy will bring in the new wave. It is going to be a testing period for Malaysia.

Be brave Malaysia.

Always remember, the spreading only can be contained with clear guidelines and high discipline by each one of us. Stay alert. Adhered to rules. Be focus and safeguard our own health and family members. Together we fight.
Report whoever failed to follow the procedure. No mercy for the violators. Like it or not, we need to survive the risk. Life has changed with force. Our only option is to adapt, survive, and help each other.


Confirmed cases as of Includes recovered cases. Data updated 2 May 2020 Source: https://flourish.studio/covid

Let’s pray for our neighbor Singapore as they have been hit by a sudden wave and its spiking showing no sign of slowing down. Singapore working Malaysians are still counting on their rice bowl there.


Number of reported cases in Malaysia as of 03 MAY 2020 4.50PM


Number of recovered VS Death cases: Source the STAR

Wishing all the best to each of one you who are going to step out tomorrow.

Together we stay strong

tatta, (bubbye)


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