It’s a third day after #Malaysia has eased its #MCO (lockdown period). Even the first day itself has broken all the contained feelings of staying indoor. The touch of common life is already being felt on the first day itself. The third day of MCO doesn’t feel any different. Life is like usual shit now.


Cars, noises, queues, people, movements all feel the same. It almost felt like the one and half month has never existed. The government had to send multiple SMS even at 2 am to pledge people to stay indoors if stepping outside is not necessary. People back as people behaving like people.

Read the fear of unknown on Covid19 here

Everyone is busy talking about how their company coming out with new rules to obey the SOPs. Scheduling their travel plan to start the normal life. Some are still waiting impatiently for 12 May 2020 wherein the original date of MCO ends if no further extension.

Companies are busy squeezing their strategy managers to find effective management ideas for cost-cutting. Lost jobs and salary reduction, money management is already being the topic of the town. Discussion is being made to negotiate payment terms.
People are getting bored with #Covid19 and lockdown. Nevertheless, the evenings and nights are still busy with live streaming on social media and zoom.

Will life will be different now? Yes, it will be. It will feel individually & economically but not socially because people think the war has had ended. It’s not their fight anymore unless they got affected directly.

The truth is the real war and survival is just started.

tatta, (bubbye)


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