The Strange TEMPORARY gift of life

Nothing in this world is permeant not even your life; oh ESPECIALLY your life. The undeniable truth of life is it is TEMPORARY. The approximate 100 years of human lifespan may seem long. But 100 is the end to nothing. In fact, everything is temporary. This is what #Covid19 taught us well enough. 

Each one of us knows this.

We know this well enough yet we chose ignorance as a way to live a life. We need dead news to flash its screen to tell us how fragile life can be.

Particularly, in the era of social media world wherein you’ll know what the person was doing before he is dead. It’s hard to digest the time gap of being alive and dead. The acceptance of death becomes hard when you know little too much. Then, the hard-core reality hit you straight to heart to tell you how brittle life is.

photo of person holding green leaf

Life is a gift.

A gift that can be taken away from you without any sign or warning at any point in time. No one will know how and why it has been taken away from you even if you have given the best to live your life. There is no room for debate.

Your question of WHY will remain unanswered by GOD in the exam sheet.
Yet, you must have faith to live this temporary gift by giving your best. Fight for the best until the end of your last breath. Isn’t it sound so unbelievable?

But that’s what we call life. A strange temporary gift that is purely magical which consists of uncountable unanswerable questions.

tatta, (bubbye)


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