Life is Magical

Magic is already given to you the second you are born, every second you live. Each of you is magical as this very second. You alive while many don’t. You are purely magical.

11 best ways to understand life is:

1| Life is Magical
It’s a magical gift. A gift that only given to selected people. Every day you are granted with bonus gift called “a day.”

2| Life is temporary
Live your life by every second because the hard truth is that it is temporary and can be taken away from you at any point in time.

3| Life is fragile
It is damn fragile than you think. It can end at any point in time. Worst than chipmore. Now you are alive, now you are gone. No one knows when, why, and how it can end.

4| Life is meant to be search
This magical gift is given to you to find the purpose of why it has given to you.

5| Life contentment is lies within giving
You are given nothing when you are born except this magical gift. Your life purpose is lies within “GIVING”. Give as much as you can to others so that your name will stay longer when your life is taken away from you.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” – Mark Twain

6| Life has never been fair to anyone.
Fairness simply didn’t exist in life. Life is given and taken when the time is over. Anything that happens in between is to be decided by you with the purview of GOD.

7|Live life by the second
Life is to be live in seconds. Not by hours, not by day and not by years but by seconds.

8| Life is not serious
There is nothing serious about life. The reason because nothing stays permanent. There is nothing to worry about it. So, be happy.

9| Life can’t be justified
Do what you had to do. It requires no justification because it cant be justified after all. Nothing is good or bad. It’s all about the grey line.

10|Life is grey
There is always Yin and Yang the duality. But life is a full uneven grey line that has no specific measurement. Only shades of greys with blurred borders.

11| Life is a link
It connects one another to complete the full cycle. The start and the end. Everything that happens in between birth and death is linked. It meant to be.

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