My 12 Years of Blogging Experience & How It’s started

Yesterday, WordPress reminded me that it’s my 5th anniversary with them. They notified me that I have started WordPress five years ago on 03/07/2015. Oh! Wow! What a journey.

But I tell you my journey of blogging started even way beyond that.

I have always been addicted to technology. I got jealous of people who learned the technology at its beginning stage and ribbing its benefits now. 

The mother of all influential platform is a blog. Before, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, VSCO, Tik Tok, and all other platform blogs have conquered the world with BlogSpot and WordPress.

I fall for this addiction 10 years ago. I spent all my weekends reading 100 over blogs and thousands over blog posts. I got so addicted to it that I usually won’t move as I sat for eight hours and more feeling no pain. Scrolling over and over ignoring the pain of my fingers.

This got me so inspired that I wanted to start my blog. Initially, I designed my blog with Blogspot. I cracked my head for months creating the simplest yet attractive name for my blog. Trust me, I have named it just to change it a week later. It didn’t stop there. I’ll design my blog layouts and colors for days. I had trouble finding perfect color combo similar to the blogs that inspired me. I even cracked my head to learn CSS & HTML to add features to make it attractive. I watched hours of tutorials and read blogs to learn new things. I must say that I’m proud of myself as I managed to crack some code for some features. Then, I published posts and then unpublish or delete them later. It goes like this for months.

Somehow my motivation to learn brought me to WordPress. That time WordPress was getting it much deserved attention even though it was initially beta tested on 08, August 2015. (Interesting fact, it’s my birthday). If you ask me now, I would say that I have worked on this blog thousands of times to make it perfect with all the editing on the design and layout. After numerous names change, eventually I settled with I thought it is perfect as it reflects me as a creative person.

Finally, all the thinking is over when I settled with the name. I published my first blog post in 2015 under the name This addiction of blog stays with for almost 10 years from 2008 to 2015.

Then, I left the blogging world as I got busy with daily life.

After a while, the transformation happened in 2017. I got back with so much inspiration to make this goal of my life alive. I have decided to blog to improve my writing skill specifically to work on my grammar.  I realized my grammar improve while I read and write more. This is when I got extra serious into the blogging world. Then, I found a super-duper perfect name to reflect who I am in all my social media platforms. I come out with the branding name tamakastudio to publish all my creative works. Then, I rename the blog to and bought it over the domain.

I have been consistently posting blog posts for 3 years now. It not only improved my writing skill but helped me in many ways more than I can think of. It developed mind clarity into me.

As I blog more and more, it taught me the art of storytelling. It taught me how a perfect sequence of thoughts can influence readers. As days go by, I received feedback from my readers about how my thoughts have inspired them.

This is where I realized the power of a blog. How it contributes to someone’s feelings and life. You don’t need to change the world. If a person changed a single thing in their life because of your word, then its already a success story.

This has made me realize how powerful a word can be to the outer world. Now, my aim to blog is no longer a personal goal. It has grown bigger.

It has become –

A place to get your thoughts out;

A place to put up your opinion;

A place to share your knowledge or experience;

A place to comfort someone;

A place to inspire someone.

Happy 5th-anniversary It has been 12 years journey with the blogging world and more to come.

tatta, (bubbye)


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  1. Congratulations, Tamaka!🎉
    Well done!


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